It’s been a helluva week

Feeling: Absolutely drained. But every time I look at my baby, my heart meltzzzzzz…

So there are some pictures that are on the way, but right now, the hubs and I are trying to get used to scheduling everything at home and really just getting used to the fact that there’s another person who will be permanently living in our household.

I’ve some quick updates for now while we settle the technical issues though I definitely don’t want to give up my blog in the days to come.

There’s so much more to think about now that the bubby is here and I really need to log down my thoughts so that I don’t go insane with the new responsibilities and stresses that come with being a first time parent.

So here goes:


Isn’t that just so amazingly fast!

  • Bub has been eating and feeding well and we’re really blessed with good milk production so we don’t have to spend mad money on formula milk. What with the money we spent on the crazy delivery process (which I’ve yet to recount) we could really save every penny we can.
  • The dog seems to have taken a curiousity to the baby, but has yet to be affectionate towards James. Looking forward to too-adorable pictures and videos of that though!
  • My mum has been amazing. Cooking and feeding us every day and really just being an awesome ‘nother set of hands and helping to jag(monitor/take care of) the bub while we run around headless doing things.

And for the time being, that’s all that we can really worry about.

This week, I try to get back into the groove of writing blog posts and edging work back into the picture as well as juggling feeds, diaper changes and bath time (OMG), on top of the sleep deprivation and getting my body back to post-pregnancy shape.

Without further ado, I’ve to go back to looking after the bubby, so keep us in prayer for more good things and peace to handle the big switch up in status and schedule.

All aflurry,




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