How things have changed.

Feeling: Geared up for the big outing…

And so, tomorrow is the big day when I’m going to bring the bubby out all on my own.

I’ve packed a bag. I’ve got a shit ton of diapers (pun intended), a pack of wet wipes for his bum, a nursing cover, little towels in case of spit-up, a change of clothes in case of spit-up, a tiny changing mat, tissue papers just in case…

And that’s actually the bare minimum of it all. We’ve all heard horror stories about how much you actually need to bring out to take care of a baby.


We watched this show the other day called “Neighbours”. It stars Zac Efron and Seth Rogen and it’s basically about how new parents have to suffer living next to a frat house. Movie wasn’t too bad. Reminded us a lot of ourselves. Like what it’s like to want to be young and hip but yet have to juggle the responsibilities of a new bub.

ANYWAY, the reason I brought the movie up, was because they were contemplating going out and they were trying to pack for the baby and for some (insane) reason, they wanted to pack the whole house with them. A bouncer, a play mat, the car seat, and Lord knows what else – just in case.

I really pray that I’ll never be that kiasu (scared to lose/miss out). At least for now anyway.

I’m happy with my tiny bag of tricks, and tomorrow we’ll see if that’s sufficient enough for us.


And in all this, I think about the difference in convenience of it all.

While rummaging around for a bag to put all the bubby’s utilities in, for some reason, I started to remember how when we were young, going out used to be so much simpler. We were able to walk around with just a wallet and the then-version of a communication device. All you needed was your handphone/pager, wallet,  and keys. That’s all it was.

Then as I became a working person, I got influenced by colleagues to buy into designer bags. I personally never bought any for myself but have been graciously blessed with an LV (Louis Vuitton) from my in-laws and a Coach bag from my aunt.

However, it would be a helluva waste if you carry around an expensive bag like that with JUST the bare necessities in them. Soon you start to hoard things. Your make-up and comb la, tissue paper la, reciepts la, you start to collect discount cards la, you put an ipad in there la, stationery, etc… It’s endless.

And there’s ALWAYS things that you can chuck in there.

I remember talking about this with friends once before. You know you’ve become an “Aunty” when you start carrying around tissue paper.

And of course now that we’re carrying the little bubby about town, we do need to make sure that we’re prepared right? My husband will tell you that I’m the queen of finding things to bring ‘just to be prepared’ – and he is qualified to say so because he very sweetly totes around my totes sometimes. What a gentleman hey? 🙂


But trust me when I tell you that he complains my bags are heavy. What bricks I carry inside or something….

Continuing to reminisce about the old days, the hubs and I used to not have a car and we’d survive on public transport when we were first dating. It’s a bit sad to think about how we were able to spend quiet moments just sitting together in the bus or the MRT and taking the time to TALK to each other while we were commuting from one place to another.

And even then when we didn’t have our own vehicle we were very blessed because our parents both drove, my mum had a tiny hatchback and both his parents needed vehicles for work. So we were quite lucky that we could kind of have our pick of a car when we wanted to go on a date – try out a new restaurant, head out for a midnight movie, etc.

It’s amazing how different it is now, when we earn barely enough to pay for our house much less own a car. Heck, the car we “own” now, is actually graciously loaned to us from my mum who said we need it more than her given we have a baby to tote around..

But we DO have a car and now that we do, I find it increasingly difficult to imagine life without one. Again, especially now that we have the baby in tow.

Just celebrating his full month party alone was a test in logistics – because we didn’t have facilities at the in-laws’ place, we HAD to bring a baby play pen and it was practically a mobile changing table. That in itself plus the car seat in the car, AND the decorations that we needed to put up for the party…

clown car

And that brings me to appreciating what we have.

For all the things that I have been making comments about, thinking about it in-depth makes me realise that there’s honestly no reason to complain and only more to give thanks for.

I hope through all this, I’m able to teach my bub to appreciate what he has. There are so many people who are perfectly fine without a private mode of transport and people definitely don’t need to have handbags of any brand at all in order to be happy.

Having a heavy bag, means I own a lot of things. Having so many things that we need an alternative form of transport means we are blessed with items. And if we are going into counting our blessings, I need to remember that being able to go out with the bubby means that I’ve got working limbs to carry the bub and to walk him around. The very fact that we’ve got eyes to see and ears to hear what goes on when we go out should not be discounted either.

What might seem trivial and sometimes troublesome to me, might mean the world to someone else and I think it’s just so important that I take a step back and again, enjoy every little experience with the bubby. Even the ones that seem not to be so pleasant could turn out to be an exceptional memory that I’ll look back on in fondness in years to come.

And because it’s our first time going out together, it should set a precedence for all other times that we go out to do things together. I am going to make sure that this huge lesson of thankfulness is behind the preparation of things in addition to the actual excursion itself.

Blessed are we,


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