totally pooped…

Feeling: Tired and drained

take a nap

Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel right now. Last night was a killer night. Baby woke up at 3am and decided that he wanted to play and be WIDE AWAKE for the next 2 hours..

I ended up side-lying feeding until we fell asleep. And while as serene and sweet as that may sound to all of you uninitiated, it’s also not fun to wake up after barely a few hours of sleep and again. And again. AND again.

Plays havoc with your body clock I can tell you that.

I also think it’s downright scary because heaven knows what that means when you’re so tired that you fell asleep. What if I rolled over the baby or something..


ANYWAY on to less morbid things..

So let me tell you that after a night like that, if you follow it up with a sashimi buffet lunch, you will definitely go into food coma and desperately eye the bed when you got home.

BUT. Because you’re the only one at home and you have to take care of the bub, you have to stay awake.

NO NAPS. *sigh*

I was wondering what could’ve changed! Why did things happen so differently today when he used to be able to go down for 3-4 hours with no problem. Could it have been because bub was over-stimulated with all the other babies and hoo-ha going on with our mummies meet-up? We were making a lot of noise and laughing and everything and it WAS kinda the first time we were going out…

But when I think back on it, bub was happily asleep in his ringsling carrier, so that couldn’t possibly be it. And I’ve been saying that bubby has been a CHAMP when it has come to any other social gathering. I mean, just last week he has his full month party and he was the centre of attention. He wasn’t quite that cranky then, so it couldn’t be because I brought him out…

So what could be it?

what is it

The hubs and I are actually kind of lucky. In the sense that the first week when the bub came home and we were fretting about why it was so difficult to wake him up to feed. At least we had that period to “enjoy”.

Problem is, now we’re worrying the exact opposite about how difficult it is to get him to sleep.

How the times have changed eh?

Well anyway, if we ignore the fact that things are haywire and running amok all over the place, the trick to getting everything organized is actually pretty obvious – it’s about working out a schedule and sticking to it so that things go as planned.

And I know first hand what it’s like when schedules DON’T go according to plan. One thing on your itinerary runs late and it really f***s up your whole day.

flip table

So I went to Google (of course) to find out how to get bubby to sleep longer through the night or at least to be a little bit more predictable about things and ended up reading this article about how to get your baby down to sleep longer and be a bit more predictable.

1) Stretch the awake time

2) Have a routine

3) Stick to the schedule

4) Avoid the car around naps

5) Nurse or Paci back to sleep


Ignoring the fact that I have a feeling this employs a cry-it-out method, (which the hubs and I are still undecided upon), i think again it boils right down to scheduling – making sure that the bub has a set number of naps per day at the preset time. And doing the same things at the same time every day to set up a pattern. And that will create a sort of expectation for bubby to know what’s happening and adapt towards it.

I’m not sure how I feel about force-feeding baby at a set time if he’s not hungry, or starving him for that matter. Not to mention forcing bub to wake up from a nap if he’s only just been put down…

But to be entirely honest with you guys, I’m a bit frustrated with things. Every time I think that I’ve got this scheduling down pat – the timing is going well, I can next to predict what I have to do when he shows me the beginning stirrings of a cry-out fest, perhaps even have a moment with the bub when he shows me an irresistible smirk… SOMETHING will happen to totally turn everything topsy-turvy and inside out.

And being OCD the way that I am, whenever that happens, I really feel like I’m losing my mojo..

threw off my groove

Some of the mummies after lunch yesterday told me about how they started “potty training” their bubs already too. Mind that this was a January mummies meetup, so that means that our babies are all a glorious 1-2 months old ONLY. Potty training typically begins sometime after his/her first birthday and 2 years of age.

So they showed me that you just need to put your baby in a squatting position and make sounds; every day at the same time. And one day magically, bub will just.. GET IT.. and you’ll have some poop on demand.

So I did a bit of my own research as usual – read here.

What is infant potty training?

Also called “elimination communication” or “natural infant hygiene,” infant potty training is the practice of introducing your baby to the toilet or potty at a very early age – usually between birth and 4 months.

Some parents who do this avoid diapers completely by racing their baby to the nearest bathroom whenever they anticipate a poop or pee. Others use diapers on and off. By 18 months, in most cases, their children have “graduated” – that is, they know when they have to use the toilet and get themselves there successfully.


Note the words in RED. Not something that I foresee myself trying at the moment given how I’m finding the lack of time to deal with his daily functions a bit challenging as it is…

Okay, but to give the whole infant potty-training the benefit of the doubt, apparently a lot of people are subscribing to the fact that babies CAN learn how to “go potty” at the tender age of 3-4 months old. So if that many (websites) are talking about it, it can’t quite be discounted that easily right?


Well, again as always with my posts, I try to figure out what the lesson behind all this moaning and groaning is all about. And it today’s moral of the story is centered behind WHY I find the need to have things scheduled and organized. I really hope it’s not some sign that I want to control the bub’s life in any way.

I was also reading another article about attachment parenting yesterday. And it was a flip side story about how things went so wrong when she let the baby lead the cues and signals most of the time.

*AHEM* disclaimer here:-

Don’t get me wrong, the message here is not that one way is better than the other, but in fact, the opposite.

Each baby has a unique temperament, and every child will respond differently to different methods. There is not one right way to parent a child. As such, each family needs to find the best methods that work for them. Hopefully this will include some attachment parenting principles such as skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding, but co-sleeping vs. sleep training as well as baby wearing are simply personal choice.

Granted that we are parents and that our job (for now) basically IS to run our kids’ life until the point where they are confident / educated / capable enough to handle things themselves, but there are limits at times to the amount of control that we should exercise aren’t there?

I shouldn’t be pressuring myself to follow the standards which other mums and dads are holding themselves to either. The last thing I need when navigating all the new things about parenthood is  competitiveness causing me to force things on my baby when he’s not ready.

In any case, being a parent is all about being able to deal with the unknown and what’s to happen and the whole thing about being a parent SHOULD feel new and different but yet exciting at the same time.

Nothing to be afraid of right?


And that’s what I need to remind myself about all of this: that it’s my son who’s most important at the end of the day and not the demands of the world nor the expectations that he needs to do things in a certain way just because everybody else is doing things like so.

It’ll be hard not to succumb to the advice and the pressure, but for what it’s worth and for as long as I can, I’ll try to give him the freedom to learn things and experience things just the way that he needs to.

Well, while I’m not looking forward to poop and pee accidents and more sleepless nights, at the end of the day, it really does boil down to enjoying your kid when you can and not fret about the semantics of things. Isn’t the most important thing to just have a baby who’s happy and healthy, with a clean bottom and generous with his smiles?

Wanting more of bubby’s coos and gurgles,




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