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Feeling: like I need to construct a lesson plan

It’s been an interesting last few days with the bubby at home. We had a nice long stretch of nothing to do at home but entertain and play with the bub, so it was a relatively quiet and peaceful weekend.

It was such a wonderful breather to finally not have to worry about the hustle and bustle of having to do things – we didn’t have to go out on a social outing, no errands to run, no mad rush for finding food to eat and worrying that we wouldn’t have time to take care of the bub…

Well, of course we worried that we wouldn’t have time to take care of the bub, but like I said in the last post, that’s improved by leaps and bounds so much in the last week that I feel confident enough to say that we’re handling things pretty well for now 🙂

confident beyonce

But as much as I think I have a schedule down and have gotten better at doing the baby things like changing and feeding and burping, it looks like the bub isn’t one to follow a timetable at all yet :/

So now that we’re back to the grind of the work week and I find myself alone with the bub while trying to juggle an order for work, I’m beginning to wonder how I’m going to keep finding things to entertain the little one at the right time. He needs to keep awake at a certain time and he needs to sleep at a certain time, and there’s only so many Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars I can sing you know. Haha!

At the same time, it doesn’t help that the bub seems to have gone on strike when it comes to naps. Morning naps and afternoon naps, he just refuses to take them! So I can nurse him for a good half hour and he’s entirely falling asleep at the boob, but the minute I transfer his weight or make to move towards his bouncer or his cot, he shoots WIDE awake.

I’m never going to get anything done like this 😦

Now I’m not quite complaining much about it yet. Not wanting to take his afternoon naps would be fine if only he would sleep the whole night through. And this is where the whole issue begins…

go to sleep

Since the bub insists on staying awake during the daylight hours, I’m thinking that I might as well just let him stay awake.

Apparently babies CAN’T fall asleep on their own which results in super crankiness or total exhaustion when they don’t get their timed naps.

But that aside, we’ll take each day as it comes. For the time being, since it looks like since he’s going to be up and at ’em, I’m hoping it won’t make him as cranky in the evening when he’s not rested and so tired that he becomes fussy. The optimum situation is if by keeping him awake in the day, he’s so tired out that he sleeps through the whole night. Then everything would be perfect!

I don’t know if I can consider him sleeping through the night yet though. He seems to start grunting every 3 hours in the middle of the night although his eyes are shut. But I did read somewhere that when a baby can sleep from 11pm to about 4am, that IS considered sleeping through the night for them.

Also, there’s this whole deal with dream feeding too? Which is kinda when you literally shove food into the baby while he’s light sleeping so that it tricks his little body into thinking that there’s lots of energy and they don’t need to wake up to eat.

The theory behind it is that baby’s tummy is small so it holds only a little bit of food in it. Once that food is digested, they get hungry and hungry means crying. So in order to have less crying, it means making sure the tummy is topped up continuously.

And apparently, you can do it even when the bub is sleeping because to eat is a natural reflex ingrained into their little heads so much so they’ll be able to manage opening their mouths and swallowing without so much as a peep to indicate that they’re awake.


Well, while we’re on the topic of trying to get the hang of this dream-feeding thing, I wonder whether it’s really me who’s making him eat.

I’m actually a pretty light sleeper so whenever he grunts or makes some sort of noise, I jolt awake and swivel around looking for signs that the little beasty is stirring angel is in distress or something.

Perhaps if I slept a little deeper, I might actually realise that the grunts are nothing to worry about and that I’ve been blessed with a bub that sleeps the night through. But like I mentioned with side-lying and nursing, I wouldn’t want to risk that I sleep so heavily that I can’t hear my bub or that I’m so tired to the point I’m not alert when he’s calling for me.

In any case, I don’t see myself collapsing from tiredness yet, although I suppose I’m at the thresholds of it right now. So I guess I’ll just leave things as it is for now and see whether he grows out of his noisy sleeping in time to come.

leave britney alone

But back to the point about not wanting his afternoon naps, an interesting tidbit with the grunting and groaning in his sleep is that during the day, it’s kinda of the same thing with my reaction to his noises at night.

When I finally manage to get the bub down for a nap thinking that I can finally sneak away to the computer and get some typing / work done, if he happens to snuffle or shift, or stretch, I jerk in his direction and stare at him like a deer caught in headlights.


I wonder if this constant worry about the bubby will ever go away. (Internet literature says it won’t and I’m inclined to believe it)

Moving on, obviously I need to list down the facts of my findings so I can kind of figure out where I’m going with all this day time scheduling and whether keeping him awake is  good idea or not.

A lovely friend of mine transferred a payable app to me today called the Wonder Weeks. And although I’ve only had it for the last hour or so.  Reading through the app and it’s indications of what to expect for my bubby’s current age as of today has made me feel a lot more reassured that I’m not just suffering a terrible tyke.

problem child

So the app…

“…Your baby’s world is turned inside out when he suddenly gets insights into the ‘World of Patterns’. He just got used to living outside the womb after having made his first leap, and then everything changes again! Everything except the relationship he has with you. You are the only entity that is truly known to him. Logically the best way to help your baby through this leap is simply to be there for him in these times of troubles…”

Wonderful way to put things isn’t it?

And this is followed by signs to watch for and also things that you can do to help baby through the phases that they call a “leap” period.

Well that being said, pretty much sums up my life for the next few weeks then. I’m going to be the mother of an attention-craving, insatiably hungry baby! And that means lots of waking hours spent at his beck and call and wrapped around his little finger.

Which I embrace. Whole-heartedly. It’s what a parent commits to the minute they see their baby born.

But I’m just worried that I don’t have the means to entertain him. Looks like a lot of research on nursery rhymes and kids’ songs are in order so that we can do what we need to do to keep baby happy 😉

Twinkle Twinkle Action Hands all week,



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