Being mobile, and then some.

Feeling: more and more equipped for going out!

So we’ve been going out a lot with the bubster and strollers, babywearing, and bringing the car seat out, we’ve tried it all!

Now that we’re a bit more confident that we’ve more or less got the taking care of his bodily functions down pat, we’re just trying to streamline things to make sure that we’re doing things as efficiently as we can.

It just seems fitting that we talk a little bit about how we’ve been handling him when we head out together.

And (I’m proud to say it) he’s getting REALLY heavy. (Yay breastfeeding!)

heavy weight

So because of his hefty gain, it’s become a necessity to put him down when we’re eating.

At least at home, we’ve got rocking chairs and bouncers and cots and play pens – so many options for safe resting on the ground. And of course because it’s in your own home that you feel comfortable having the bub literally on the ground with a play mat. Or even on the bed.

But when you’re out and about, it’s like every surface is dirty and unclean. There’s no way that you’re going to just put a little susceptible bubby down right?

So what’s a hungry mama and papa to do?

Bring out the equipment, that’s what!

let's do this 2

So when bubby was smaller, that means packing an extra “scrap” of cloth to make sure that I’d have the option to sling him near to my chest and keep him close to mummy’s beating heart.

As most babywear-ers (as we are called when you strap a baby to your body) will tell you, it’s the easiest way to also quell a screaming baby and get him to go to sleep too. And I must admit that I’ve been using it as a bit of a go-to when I’m at my wit’s end of how to get the baby to nap.

All I needed to do was really just pop him in, tighten up and rock from side to side. Bub would be asleep in the time it takes you to walk from one end of the room to the other 1 or two times.

Without fail.

How’s that for awesome putting-to-sleep skillz0rz 😀

Then I got worried about the bub getting dependent on being in a sling or a carrier in order to sleep so at home we relied on the strength of our arms.

weak arms

In addition to that, when I started heading out with my mummies group ladies for lunch, the majority of us would actually babywear too. Not many of us wanted to brave going out with a stroller if they didn’t drive. And because it is a maternity period, most of us had our husbands taking the cars to work.

And what inevitable situation would we find ourselves in, but having to eat with a baby strapped to the front of our chest. Let me tell you that it’s not fun and it’s actually rather inconvenient to eat around your baby :/

Like I said, there’s no place to put the bub down, so you just eat as daintily as you can around the bub whose head is literally right below your mouth.

I’ve had a friend who told me to just put a handkerchief or piece of tissue over the bub’s head and eat as per normal.


Worth a try except unless you’re eating a bowl of hot soup of course.

beast soup

Right. Well.

The hubs and I have taken to the unenviable task of squeezing a massive stroller into a tiny hatchback just so we have the option of leaving bubs in the thing while we eat.

Our stroller is made of 2 components – we’ve got a car seat attachment that actually goes on top of the stroller because it’s that much safer to have the bub in a car seat when he’s riding in the car. And of course, since it’s a more snug and safe fit for travelling, naturally we would put the 2 parts together when we take the bub out.

The car seat is ALWAYS in the car but the stroller, kind of takes up a whole seat all by itself.  And if you remember the below old gif of my hubs setting up and keeping the stroller. Don’t be fooled by the “ease” of which it keeps when you’ve still got to load it up and carry it around.


It’s worth it to be able to eat and have somewhere to put the bub down without having to worry so much honestly. Not to mention the satisfaction of rolling over the toes of people who don’t get out of the way of parents with their baby. *evil laughter*

Except of course the days when we don’t put the stroller in the car… Then we have to bring the car seat out like a handbag instead. And that’s a pretty big issue of space management in itself too.

Way to go right? In order to have a moment to yourself, we have to execute a difficult logistics operation :/

Well, the whole point of getting a stroller like this was really forward thinking. If I think that the bubs is heavy now, I can just imagine what it’s going to be like for when he’s actually strong enough to start walking around on his own….

We have friends with their own bubs visiting us pretty often these days and we get the wonderful opportunity to see what our future with a toddler would be like and what’s been the running theme across most visits is that they just can’t believe how small babies used to be just a few weeks after birth.

While I’m looking forward to the wonder years with bubby walking about and moving around, as it is, I can barely believe he’s grown so much already too, much less when he’ll be way too big for mama to carry.

Funny story: As a new parent I thought it was pretty much an octopus’ job to be able to change a newborn baby because there were just so many hands and feet everywhere that you needed to get around, until those mamas with older toddlers tell me it’s not that much fun the other way around when you’re trying to swap diapers on an octopus on the changing table either…


But moving on, all this stuff is really just a small reminder for me to really treasure every moment that I have with him so that I don’t miss out anything.

If I don’t somehow mentally catalogue these struggles and trials, one fine day I’m just going to realise that I haven’t taken the time to truly enjoy my bub’s babyhood…

And speaking of which, I feel rather sad that when people told me to take more photos of the bub in his newborn days, that I didn’t really understand what they meant.

See I recently took this comparison photo:



*ahem* But yeah, when I was rooting around for his week 1 photos, I could barely find photos of him that could be easily compared with a “Now” photo.

Had I known then what I knew now, I’d have gone through his whole wardrobe in preparation for more then-and-now photo comparisons.

But alas…

Moving on, while the bub is growing, I need to do something to make sure that my arms and body are ready for the day that I need to handle a struggling and independent bubby. While he’s been gaining weight, I think it’s rather safe to say that I haven’t quite been losing at the same rate.

Perhaps  I should babywear more often to restrict the food I can put in my mouth….



In all honesty though, that’s next on the cards, exercise that is. If only I can just find a little more time to do something more than stretching every morning. I’ve even gotten the hubs to get copies of all the exercise videos I loved when I was toning up for our wedding.

It took me a short 6 months to drop 8 kilos for that once-in-a-lifetime photo op and now all I need to do is have a repeat performance while managing my steadily growing bubster..

In all technicality, babywearing and bringing the bub out on outings, will actually be a wonderful way to lose weight! Carrying him has GOT to be equivalent to a good weight-lifting session right?

And I’ve been fussing about how I need to get in more activities for the bub and bringing him on little excursions is actually a perfect way to introduce him to things in the world and open his eyes to everything around him. That way, I’ll get my “exercise” done too. 2 birds with 1 stone and all that.

Now just to figure out the logistics… Wish me luck!

To wear or not to wear, that is the question,




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