An Unforgettable Moment in Time – A Father’s Perspective 3

Hi guys,

It’s been a long while since I last submitted a post. And I apologize to my wife for constantly putting this off.

leo sorry

Just want to thank you all for the well wishes, toys, clothes, etc. we really feel the love!

The last time I posted, our little bub wasn’t even here yet and a tour of his room and stuff was the topic at that time.

I was just wondering what to write about and the thought of d-day just popped into my head, bub’s birthday and the things that led up to it are things that I will remember for the rest of my blessed life.

Going through the last bit of the pregnancy at the hospital was nerve wrecking to say the least.

The hospital was and is a scary place. It’s cold, too quiet at times, long corridors, lonely and expensive. And it really doesn’t help when you’re going in there to welcome your kid into the world.

nail biting bender

Jess was no less a champ the days leading up to the bub’s birth. Seeing her having contractions and just bearing with it whereas all I could do was just sit there and show concern.

Honestly, I felt like I was just sitting around doing nothing. So I held her hand and tried to be available and to help around the room getting things for her and stuff.

It was mostly because of how the birth turned out at the end of the day. Us wanting a natural birth and getting prepared for one too didn’t necessarily mean that we would get it.

Jess did her best trying 2 pill-drug-medicine thingies to make her cervix open and waiting a full day for something to happen, deciding that we wanted to go ahead with bursting the water bag and waiting some more after that…..  Alas, bub did not want to come to the party on time.

in the car late

After all of that, the decision was finally made to do a c-section – a decision that we took far too long to reach in my opinion.

So like I said, the only thing I could do was to go down to the shop to get a drink for Jess and maybe rub her shoulders a bit. The worst bits were when there were times that I couldn’t even touch her due to a contraction happening right at that moment. She didn’t want any other physical contact for that half a minute. And I am literally rubbing my hands hoping that everything is okay.

Quite shattering for a husband that wants to help his wife.

But from the moment the decision was made to go for the c-sect, it was a high-speed car chase. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. In and out. 1 hour later, baby is out.

Let’s just give you the low-down shall we….

  • Forms were signed
  • Wife was taken out for prep, husband was asked to prep in scrubs
  • Shifting to op room, waiting anxiously outside op theatre
  • No touching anything  in the meantime
  • Listen to the doctor, “Put your stuff here.”, “Follow me”, “Hi ,welcome to op theatre!”
  • Everyone in masks and scrubs
  • Wife lying on the table with curtain just above baby bump, rectangular cut out where op was going to happen
  • Sit down and look at wife – wife groggy as hell. She says “I now know why it’s called a ‘happy-dural’.”
  • Wife going in and out of consciousness,
  • I peek past curtain – many iodine all over mummy tummy
  • I look at wife, I still am at loss of what to do, to the point that I’m almost in tears
  • I vaguely hear “Alright, let’s give a push.” (Apparently they cut her already. Like what?)
  • I see the nurses shoving (like no-nonsense, legit shoving, almost man-handling) from my side of the curtain
  • “OK, once more!” from other side of curtain
  • I glance over, see LOTS of the colour red
  • I look at wife, wife is still groggy
  • Me almost panicking, look back over


aww yeah

  • Our son is out!!!
  • I’m in tears for real now
  • The bub is covered in goo
  • We get a good solid scream from him
  • Bub is cleaned up a little and put under warm light
  • “Daddy, come here. Please cut the cord” * snip*
  • I barely remember to take out my phone for pics
  • “Alright daddy, sit next to mommy.”
  • I go sit and the bub is wrapped up
  • Some person in scrubs brings bub over to take our first family photo
  • I am SO happy I’m crying. I’ve totally lost it. I’ll credit it to the whirlwind pace
  • “Ok, daddy has to step out, please wait by the suite.”

I leave the op room and glance back, still unable to comprehend what had happened and the duration of what just transpired.

vaguely someone crying


I waited for what seemed like an eternity until I see my son moved to the nursery in his little cot and my wife in recovery suite.

My wife is still passed out, like totally dead to the world. Seeing the person you chose to be with for the rest of your life, lying there in a comatose state, is a frightening experience. I’m still worried to bits especially amongst totally new surroundings, and I’m feeling totally uneasy all over.

Only when the wife finally regains consciousness and starts mumbling incoherently, can I relax after what seems like the longest, not fun, time ever.

Once relatively awake, we asked for the bub to brought over for the proper introductions. The wife gives breastfeeding a go and me finally seeing both mummy and baby together, happy and healthy, hit it home for me.


All in all, a very unforgettable experience. But not something that I look forward to doing again any time soon.  I’m just happy that we went in and came out of this experience with a happy and healthy baby. And so much more to come.

Looking forward to a new life,


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