Happy Father’s Day

Feeling: Blessed beyond belief. Grateful for having YOU in my life!

**Extra Sappy Post Father’s Day post! Please exercise caution when reading since this is really so sweet and sappy that it’s practically gag-inducing stuff :D**

Well, instead of having papa guest-post today (which should happen soon), I’ve decided to write an entire post about how grateful I am  to have a man in my life that I can call husband and father to my child.

so happy!

And it’s quite apt for me to write this post TODAY. Because the hubs has up and left the bub and I at home to serve the nation.

First ever reservist as a papa and if we’re to be honest, first in a VERY long time all in all.

There’s this little glitch in the system that occurred when the hubs went overseas to get his university degree such that they never registered that he came back. And thus began a few glorious years of not needing to report in to camp and serve out the mandatory required training periods in camp.

Alas, we received a registered letter earlier this year while we were settling in to being parents, and here he is, off in his smart 4 uniform, off to go and do whatever it is that young/old men do when they need to go back into the army to do their ICT (In camp training) exercises.

i'm so proud

So in this coming week, where I’ll have to fend for myself, I guess I will sort of learn what it’ll be like if the hubs is not around.

OKAY. I won’t exactly be ALONE. My mum has actually taken the week off to come and keep my company at home and of course lend me a hand with the bub too. But it’s 2 entirely different things.

Having a mum around is NOT the same as having a husband around.

Something that I know my mum has full experience with.

My mum has played the role of mum AND dad for as long as I can remember because my father passed away when I was 6 and my brother was 3. Ever since then, she’s been the provider, the entertainer, the discipline mistress, and pretty much the whole world for me and my brother up until we could be independent enough to take care of ourselves.

And while I think that she’s done an excellent job being able to bring my brother and me up to 30 and over years of age, I wouldn’t know what to do if it happened to me.


I mean, as it is now, things seem to have reached a point where I have to admit that I need to be a little bit more independent. Not in the sense that I need to be away from the bub. But in the sense that I need to be more efficient and capable in handling household chores and errands and basically every other thing that needs to be done.

The hubs usually helps me to take care of the nitty gritty stuff. He offers and will do the dishes most of the time and I find myself relying on him to take care of anything to do with almost everything in the house, especially when it comes to technology.

Which as of this day and age, is A LOT – the TVs, the computers, the air conditioning, the <insert other electrical equipment here>.

How am I going to google how to do this and that for the baby or get onto Facebook or update the blog if I lose my internet / digital device capability!

no internet

When we got our house set up, the hubs also took it upon himself to drill in nails and walls and fixtures so that we could have some basic functionality around the different rooms. Our wine rack, TV Console shelf as well as the countless picture frames hanging around our house is a result of his handiwork.

For that, I need to be grateful to my father-in-law for teaching my hubs how to be a fix-it man around the house and for teaching him how to handle tools right and for all various types of reasons.

I’m kind of looking forward to the day that the hubs teaches our little bub how to tinker around his play work bench set and how to really use a screwdriver and an electric drill.

Is it weird that I think they would look so cute together in matching overalls as they play fix it around the whole house while I sit back and watch TV 🙂

father and son overalls

But of course, there’s just so much more to having my husband around than having my house in order.

For one, he’s been so proactive with everything involving our son.

I haven’t had to tell him to spend more time with our bub. And he’s constantly telling us that we’re the best part of his day when he’s done with his day and going to knock off from work.

I am so exceptionally proud of him for stepping up to giving the little bub a bath when he was still small and fragile and floppy all over! I heard a lot of mamas had to take care of all the toilet-time details because the papas were too scared of handling the baby, but I can tell you that the hubs is a champ at it!

Of course we fumbled around to get to where he is today, but he is most certainly more confident at handling the bub during a bath than even I am!

After all, we had discussed that we wanted papa to be the one who took care of the “Night Time Routine”. Not only for him to have a bit of bonding with the bub after a harrowing day at work, but also to just have that bit of alone time between father and son.

just the 2 of us

He is my other half. My soul’s matching piece. The opposite side of me that I can’t live without.


But yes. My husband is my supporter, and an encouragement. Through my breastfeeding journey when I wanted to give up, and pretty much in everything else – finances, household issues, the Terrible Incident (amongst others of similar nature) and there are no words for how much him just being there means to me.

Whenever I’m feeling down and out and absolutely depressed at home, he’s the person who tells me, not what to do, but that he will support my decision no matter what it is. When I’m rash and hasty in certain scenarios, he is my voice of reason who can somehow point out things I should be considering so I don’t jump to conclusions.

And especially now that we have gone through the whole stressful and nervous first few weeks of bringing the baby home and dealing with the hormone changes that come with giving birth.

As I said in previous posts about how torn I was with “losing my youth” for the mantle of motherhood, without his hugs and kisses at the end of those day, I think I would truly be in a very bad place with dealing with the whole issue of motherhood..

you found me

So now, when I am truly starting to understand and enjoy the trials of parenthood, I just want to thank YOU for being beside me throughout this whole journey. For loving us with a super big heart, for always being there for us no matter what and doing your best to put a smile on our faces.

And more than that, I want you to know that I am so grateful to have this wonderful pillar of a man to be the father to my son.

I couldn’t ask for anything more than for my son to learn from a man like you and I know that he will find you as good a role model as I find you a good husband in time to come for sure.

To the best husband and father we know, Happy Father’s Day 🙂


Love you tons bob!


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