Running after you running after me

Feeling: a little run ragged

So you’ve all probably noticed that I’ve cut down blogging to once a week. Please don’t be mad, but mama needs a little bit more time to herself and her bub.

There are reasons for me needing more time too! And that’s because the bub has really started becoming a little person! The flipping and rolling and showing his personality. Being able to throw tantrums and express himself. Showing that he feels afraid when left alone and perhaps suffering a little separation anxiety with that too.

And for us, that means that there’s a whole lot more involvement on our part now to quell the little beastie.


Right now, the little bub has taken it upon himself to wail his head off if we leave him alone.

Sometimes we do it intentionally so that he learns to be a little independent, and also so that he can figure out how a certain toy works and such. And other times, it’s because there are things to do in the kitchen, or the study, or the TOILET (for that matter) that require both your hands and the focus of your brain.

But of course when we “leave him alone”, we do try out best to fill his hands with something or give him something to busy his hands and mind on and keep him distracted occupied long enough until we come back.

Unfortunately, or fortunately if you think about it, it seems like the bub is really quite intuitive too and also seems to notice when we are fobbing him off with a toy to keep him occupied while we attend to other things to.

Whatever tricks we have right now are slowly being phased out because he’s just wised up to our intentions!

don't trick me

So that means that whoever is taking care of him, really has to ensure that there’s a fair bit more than 1 eye on him at all times lest the beasty start squealing and whining.

Worst part about it? He’s learnt how to shed whiney, crocodile tears.

The kind that tells us that he’s learnt that crying attracts attention, even when there’s nothing wrong. i.e. hunger, dirty diaper, tired, wind. He just wants somebody to be with him and to keep him company, and he knows making noise will do that.

I think he even practices his whining skills on this hanging crab toy that he has.

The crab toy is electronic and has a start attached to it. When the star is pulled, little tunes and jingles are played. And I think the bub thinks his “friend” is “talking” to him sometimes. So he whines to it and makes little grunts and gurgles.

And the majority of the time, it’s little whimpers and whines like he’s practicing his cues and sounds and just hearing what he sounds like.

parrot radio


There is a cure! And the answer is to TAKE A NAP!

I have always known that children need to sleep more than adults. Heck, I remember the days when I was able to sleep the whole morning away after a night out and still remain in the sack at 2 or 3pm. Gone are those days now and I #needtobeanadult. That means I’m up in the mornings at 8am and (hopefully) in bed by 10pm.

That aside, babies specially require at least an additional 10 hours of sleep when they’re new-born and work up to needing less sleep when they are older.

The problem with this, is that apparently, babies and kiddos CANNOT put themselves to sleep! They’ll just lie there and stare at the ceiling and veg out. But they won’t actually be ASLEEP.

That means, that the parents need to ensure they get put down for a nap – the long and drawn out process of rocking, patting, bouncing, carrying, coaxing, singing, talking, stroking…. GAH.

Put aside whatever that you’ve read or heard about the angels who suck their thumb, or happen to play with things on their own until they fall asleep. That is a RARITY.

sleepy baby

LOL. Cute right? But NOPE. Not happening to your own child at home 😛

But the thing about naps, is not about the putting them to sleep bit.

Honestly, I can deal with the rocking and holding and nursing to sleep. In fact, I relish having the time to just cuddle and look into each others’ eyes as my baby falls asleep in my arms.

There will come a time when he will want to go to sleep on his own and on his own bed, so I will treasure all the days that he wants mummy to put him to bed until he doesn’t want me to anymore.

*Ahem* getting back to the topic. The things about putting them to sleep, or rather NOT putting them to sleep, is how CRANKY they get when they are tired.

I’m sure many people have seen this video.

Yes, it IS common knowledge that when you’re getting grumpy and whiny that you NEED to take a nap and get a bit of a rest.

And just like what some of my mummy friends have been saying – Isn’t it just wonderful how babies wake up all happy and cheerful after they’ve been able to get in a few good hours of sleep?

Trust me. It is GLORIOUS!

When your bub is all happy and smiley and willing to be put on their tummy, and generally not fussy about whatever you want to do with them…. It’s totally reason enough to send them on naps frequently enough.

And of course, this is totally disregarding the fact that you have all that time while they are sleeping to yourself so that you can finish work and etc-all-the-things-I’ve-been-talking-about-doing.

me party

That being said, I think I feel a crank-fest coming on and I should honestly be taking more naps with the bub to improve my mood too. Haha!

You know what people say about sleeping when the baby sleeps? I totally wish I could do that. Lord knows I could use a few more resting moments and 40 winks.

I’ve been feeling exceptionally tired as of late because of the running around. And to be honest, even when I do finally go down to sleep and join the bub, the sleep is shortlived because of the late night tossing and turning.


While during the day I wear the bub so he lies close to my heart and can feel the warmth and smell of mummy near him, at night the bub is generally unfettered and lying in the middle of our King sized bed like a Boss.

And like a boss the little bub tosses and turns and flails and backhands us quite a number of times during the night.



No point complaining though, we’ve more or less decided to keep the bub in our bed, with us and near us until he’s a little better at sleeping through the night and when he is a little bit more able to take care of himself, so we’re just going to have to live with the night-slapping for a little bit longer…

In the meanwhile, we’ll take the sleep and waking woes in our stride. And perhaps take the adage where if we can’t beat ’em (back), then we should join ’em!

Looking forward to more shut-eye,


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