Time for you and me.

Feeling: A little torn between things.

We’ve got a grabby baby! He’s really getting into the groove of feeling his way around and exploring his surroundings and environment.

We can’t quite just carry him anymore. He wants to see what’s going on. He loves people watching, and even in the car, he insists on being held up so he can see the other vehicles zoom past (which we DO NOT oblige because, hello. Safety first.)

safety is sexy

But yup, he is just so inquisitive and it’s so amazing to see how he is just taking things in.

Just the other day we were at my in-law’s place and the bubby spent a good 15 minutes just on his back on the sofa staring at the ceiling fan. Watching it go round and round and round. (We don’t have one at our house). He’s just so CUTEE with his mouth slightly agape and his eyes wide and you can practically see wheels turning in his head as he’s trying to figure out exactly what he’s looking at!

And he is also taking things in literally. He is taking things on the table and tugging hair and basically grappling and scratching and grabbing things all over the place.

It’s quite cute really. But scary and a bit of a panic point for parents who didn’t know that so many potentially dangerous things are lying around the house.

tiptoe dangerous

For one thing, half the time  when he picks something up off of the floor or the table, the poor said item would make its way into his mouth. Even if at home, the floor might not be all that clean what with the dog around. And of course there are electrical items, and sharp items and heaven-forbid toxic items too.

The time has come to start  baby-proofing in earnest..

But that’s not the best part. The best part is when those tiny, chubby and SLIMEY fingers thrust the poor said item at you too, for mummy or papa to inspect and make the appropriate noises of contemplation.

Gone are the days of docile little baby who is harmless. Beware the little kraken with his tentacle fingers reaching out for everything to engulf.


But like I was saying, besides cold glasses and cans where the bubby makes little grabby movements at the condensation and cool water collecting on the outside of the container, he actually has a pretty short attention span when it comes to everything else.

He would generally pick something up, have a bit of a fiddle around with it

And I’ve been going a bit mad out of my mind thinking about what to do with him.

WHEN I have time, I sing him songs, and play with his feet and hands and it’s easy enough to keep him busy and entertained. But what about when I need to do a little bit of work, and need him to manage himself a little.

I’ve handed him toys and books and played musical contraptions and found different textures and towels and things for him to feel around, but if the bubby just wants his mummy’s attention, what’s a mummy to do huh?

what to do shrug

I’ve been looking at Quiet Books actually.

They are beautifully handcrafted books that test a baby/toddler’s motor skills and teach them simple things like how to tie up a shoelace, or how to peg things. Match shapes, count beads, that sort of thing. All neatly packaged and bound up in a felt book thingy.

There are tonnes of the stuff on Etsy and they cost a BOMB.

It’s really not quite surprising to be honest. Just take a look at the video below and you’ll have a rough idea of how much work it actually takes going into a book like this. Not to mention how many ideas you’ve got to have to come up with this kind of thing…

Talk about labour intensive…

Problem is, the bub is barely 6 months, it’ll be ages before he gets around to using one of these.

Lots more observation and generally getting to know the world. Feeling different textures and experiencing different things. Heck, we haven’t even brought him to the zoo yet. He’s probably going to be MIND BLOWN when he realizes there are such existing creatures like giraffes and elephants and koala bears.

Right now what he needs are introductions to shapes and phonetics and really, mummy and papa’s interaction so that he can emulate and copy how things are supposed to be done.

Take for example holding and grasping things. Only because we put things in his hands and show him how to hold them and exchange things between hands does he learn how to do it.

So perhaps all this grabbing behaviour is all self-caused. Go figure.


Anyway, there’s still a fine line to balance between giving him attention and letting him figure out what he needs to amuse himself with something.

As much as I would love to be able to give him the attention he deserves around the clock, 24-7, this mama needs to work for his future!

And to some extent, I’m starting to get worried I have a short attention span too.

I saw this advertisement on facebook the other day for some I have no idea what kind of community post where there were a series of pictures of adults staring into a huge blowup of their smart phones. And because they are so absorbed in doing their own thing, shopping, news, facebook or whatever, it puts up a HUGE screen in between themselves and their children.

Like so:

mobile phenomenon

It’s a horrible, horrible scenario. And something that really needs to be said more often around the world.

The whole disconnect involved with technology is going to start causing this mad rift between us and our children. And anybody else for that matter.

Back in the days when there weren’t computers and smart phones and television, people talked over the dinner table, interacted with their neighbours. Played physical games and had a life outside of a screen.

It’s such a huge reminder to me that I need to make sure that the phone and the computer aren’t making me detached from him. as much as I need to be on these devices to earn a living.

I get so worried sometimes about deadlines and things that I need to do that I might just be ignoring the little tyke and I don’t want to feel guilty about not giving him the time and love and attention that he deserves when he’s older.

Lord knows that there’s no turning time, so what you do now with their young and mouldable lives, REALLY COUNTS.

don't fuck it up

Giving the bub my all and then some,



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