Sleep and Exploration

Feeling: Like a zombie

I haven’t blogged for 2 weeks and while I relish the break from writing, I know that I need to log down my feelings and capture the moments of my child’s growth while I can!

He’s truly growing so fast nowadays it seems that there’s a new “flavour” every day in terms of what interests him and what he’s learning.

And of course, he’s literally got flavour these days too as we start introducing solids to him.

Don’t get me started on what an ordeal trying to feed a baby purees is. And BLW (Baby-led weaning) is a whole different ball game. Can you say Choke me with a carrot stick?


The biggest thing that we’re facing now as he grows up, has got to be definitely a growth spurt of sorts as he really starts learning how to move about on his own.







To be honest, today’s the first time that I’m not feeling entirely too knackered from keeping up with the little tyke. I have no idea where he’s been getting his energy from!

It’s actually been 2 weeks of constant night wakings and refusals to sleep. To the point that my hubs and I have literally given up trying to put him to sleep and have opted to let him do whatever he wants until he’s totally tired out and screaming for someone to rock him to lala-land.

In the meantime, the baby is grabbing things, then tossing them onto the floor and especially when he’s sitting at the table, no longer are the plates and cutlery safe from our little monster grabber.

Forks, Spooks, Knives… BEWARE the baby!










And not just in the dining room are there baby antics, but in the bedroom while we’re sleeping too.

We are talking about full, round-house flailing and back-hand slapping in the middle of the night. One little baby making bed-sheet snow angels is a whole lot more baby than we expected.

Because we co-sleep with the bub in between us, we both suffer the brunt of his new night-time activities when he slaps one parent and turns over to slap the other.

While his eyes are still closed no less.

When we decided to co-sleep, we knew the bed space would get smaller, but we had no idea our space would be diminished by the baby MAKING his own space.

baby in da bed







It’s actually quite worrying when you come to think about it. Especially since my hubs has to get up and go off to work earlier than I have to get up in the mornings.

One minute the baby is in the center of the bed and the next he’s somehow managed to do a few flips and is a good half metre away, flipped over and nearing going to go waterfall over the edge!!

It’s not so bad when he’s on the playmat in the middle of the day, because there’s not so much of a danger of him falling a few inches of the playmat in comparison to off the elevated bed.

But it’s still a shock when you remember how this was the baby that could barely even lift his head when he was born and every single step he took was because you were carrying him.

And now when you put him down to go do something and turn your back, you would expect him to still be in the same spot when you return. But NOPE.







And to add oil to the fire, we think that the baby has learnt what nightmares are because sometimes, he wakes up with a real shock and then his mouth opens in a silent cry which becomes all too real in a matter of seconds.

Then we scramble to try and pacify him and calm him down so that he can go back to sleep without awakening too much.

If we don’t make it in time, it becomes another 2 hours that we have to spend to try and put him back to sleep from scratch. Talk about rocking and cradling and singing…

So yes. Lack of sleep for us. And it’s really causing us to be extremely irritable and short-tempered these days too.

It’s really not a big joke when you’re suffering from the effects of a restless night and you still have to deal with crying and wailing and trying to figure out what else it could possibly take to entertain the child.

what do you want





That being said though, we might seem like we’re not really enjoying parenthood at all. But the truth is, as much as we wish we had our nights back and a full tank of energy to start the day with, there is nothing more important than being attuned to what your baby’s needs.

After all, he’s the most important thing in our lives right now and it’s our jobs as parents to do right by him.

And we are so excited and thrilled by his progress. Whatever aches and pains that come with, that’s just to be expected.

All that throwing and tossing is just an undeniable sign that he’s learning how to use his tiny fingers and hands and get them coordinated. Mummy and papa just have to swallow it down the next hundred or so times until he decides that he’s bored with throwing and moves on to something else.

try something new





The same thing goes for the sleepless nights too.

The baby is just learning how to fall asleep on his own, and just because he’s struggling to stay awake is no reason for us to get frustrated.

In fact, we should be doing more to make sure we help him to achieve what he’s setting out to do. Hence, us staying up and helping him to get more tired so that he falls back to sleep.

It’s not like I’ve never experienced being so excited that I can’t sleep anyhow. And that’s precisely what the little bub is feeling too. The excitement from being able to flip or grasp or do something else new that he wasn’t able to do before. So much excitement, that he’s just not able to sleep.

So we’ve got to be understanding some how right?

Anyway at the end of the day, as difficult as it is to believe, we’ll wake up realise that we’re not suffering anymore…

tired of being tired












When that happens, we’ll lament that we didn’t treasure the moments more.


So the only thing to do now, is to really just roll with the punches and see the bright side in everything that happens right now.

I remember vaguely a period of time when the baby had first come home and no matter how tired I was with the 2 to 3 hourly feeds I was doing, I would still some how find the energy to find the miracle in the baby sleeping in my arms.

To just watch your baby sleeping peacefully and contentedly entirely erases all the gripes and groans of the day.

And in all honestly, there can’t be anything more satisfying than realising that each step is just that. A step.  To take each moment as it comes and enjoy it for what it is will make the whole experience of being a parent, that much more fulfilling.

After all, there’s more to life than a good rest 🙂

more to life





Being able to witness your child growing up in itself provides an immeasurable amount of satisfaction so as much as I’m whinging and whining about it now. I know that deep down inside, I love being a mummy.

Bring on those sleepless nights (not really)!

I’ll watch my baby sleep,



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