Crawling and Calling

Feeling: He’s growing too fast!

*baby pictures are heavy in this post today!*

So  this particular week, we’ve discovered the joy of having a child who can sit up on his own.

Here he is sitting in his play pen.




















*Yes, we are trying to get him exposed to letters and Chinese words as early as possible. No clue whether it has any effect on him, since he much prefers to eat the cloth flashcards, but hey. No harm right?

Right so, the bub has been sitting up on his own for the last week or so now, and it’s made life a LOT simpler.

In comparison to leaving him on the bed in a pillow fort and praying that he hasn’t learnt how to traverse their heights yet in any case. Even so, he’s managed to find the weaknesses in the fortress and promptly crawled off the cliff of the king-sized bed a number of times as I’ve mentioned.

So now, I pick him up and put him in a sit on the floor amongst a small treasury of toys and go about brushing my teeth in the morning, or running to the kitchen for a quick drink or even getting some work down.




















It’s opened up a whole world of possibilities in terms of what we can do to keep him occupied and in keeping our hands free.

It’s generally not a good idea to put a baby on the floor unless there’s some sort of padding at least until the baby is old enough to crawl and walk around and thank goodness, we have finally hit that stage!

It’s not just sitting around on the floor. It’s sitting up in the bath and keeping his head out of the water – i no longer have to support his neck because he can keep his own balance in the tub, and means my hands are free to wash him and scrub him and get him out of the shower that much quicker.

It also means whenever I need a little break and I don’t have a carrier of sorts with me at that moment in time, I can just lower him down to the floor and have him sit between my legs for a minute or two to give my tired arms a bit of a recess.

And adding a few minutes to the break from the little bub is his love for chasing after objects of interest.


The bubby loves chasing after round things that roll away from him and heavens help us, he’s a really, really fast crawler. Considering that he’s only leopard crawling and not on his elbows and knees just yet anyway.

It’s really quite cute. The hubs and I will set the red cylindrical brick upright and because of the bright colour, the bub would take a shine to it and climb towards it. Then he’ll knock it off and send it spinning and running across the floor while he scrambles to wherever it is that it’s gone off too.

And when he reaches it, instead of carefully grabbing it, somehow he manages to set it spinning off and in motion across the floor again.

It’s really quite a wonderful activity for him! (And for mummy since it keeps him occupied for those few precious minutes.)

Except for the fact that firstly he’s gotten a blister that’s led to some torn skin on his foot from all the fast and furious pushing off the floor towards the red brick and secondly, we don’t nearly have enough space at home for all this crawling around.






But we make do of course. And as long as we continue having interesting things to occupy the bub’s attention, we’ll find that balance of self exploration for him.

Alas, sitting up doesn’t bring us TOO much respite. It isn’t  too long before he starts his Mmmm’s and Aaaahhs, wanting mummy or papa to pick him up and/or change the scenery. And sometimes, he loses his balance and topples over which leads to a whole different kind of noise-making from the pain…. But at the least, it’s enough to get a bit done here and there for the time that he’s occupied with the thrill of sitting up.

In addition to sitting up and realising that the world just has so many interesting things to offer him – so many things to bite and chew, so many dangerous things to touch and feel, hundreds of ledges and sharp items that he can hurt himself on, and only one mummy to protect him from all the big, bad items….

*ahem* The bub has learnt how to cry and whine and clamber for attention too! But what’s the amazing part about it is how he is forming his words to do so.

It’s some ingrained instinct to reach out for mummy and cry her name. And that’s exactly what the bub is babbling. It sounds like a strange mix of “mehm-meehhhh” or “mummm-maa”, and let me tell you, if you ever thought it was difficult to let your child cry, it’s a zillion times worse when he’s literally calling you while crying and not just randomly wailing.

It’s a clever and purposeful cry to make you feel guilty for not wanting to pick him up / cuddle him / acquiesce to his every demand.

that's the point




There is something to be said about when your child is able to call you, it’s a sense of pride, and I swear that my ears are particularly attuned to his voice when he calls out for me.

I get into half a panic and feel a pinch of frustration because I don’t know why he cries out for things and goodness knows what it’s going to be like when he’s finally able to use words to articulate exactly what he means.

And that being said, there’s so much more that’s left for the bub to learn. As happy as I am for us to reach this stage when the bub is starting to exhibit the skills that will lead him to be an independent person in the near future, I know that one day when he’s off on his feet and wandering around on his own with nary a backward glance for a helping hand, my heart will pang for the days that he was much smaller and entirely reliant on me.

It’s a real love-hate relationship I think for all mums.

And I’ll leave you with this – that has been popping up all over my social media circles these days…

A reminder for myself to appreciate every minute of every day with the bubby. What he’s learning and what he’s feeling. The expressions on his face, the gestures and sounds he makes….

Every moment is fleeting and it’s important that we treasure all of it 🙂

the last time


















Be small forever, my love,



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