New House, New Rules

Feeling: apprehensive and excited

No real post today because we’ve just moved homes.









We’re now at someone else’s house for the next quarter of the year and living out of boxes as you can see.

And let me tell you that if you’ve ever tried to move your life from one place to the next (much less your husband’s AND your baby son’s too), then you would know that it isn’t a one day affair…

It’s really kind of surreal to pack up our lives and to move out and not know what to expect when we come back 3 months down the road.

I mean of course we know in a nutshell what to expect – we’ve discussed all the designs and layouts and all that. But we leave that all in the hands of our contractor and pray that things will turn out A-ok when we return.









Picture attached is just 1 truck load out the 3 that we needed to get our house uprooted and moved in.

And you should see the state of my in laws’ house.

It almost makes me feel bad and want to bury the hatchet.


But yup. there’s a wall of boxes and pillows and furniture everywhere and it’s going to take us the rest of the day to get all settled in and the house all sorted out so it doesn’t look like a tornado has gone through everything.

That means lots of cleaning and a little bit of unpacking and no time for writing a full length post (for today).

mrs doubtfire cleaning





I mean, thank God for a wonderfully able husband that I even have the internet up to write this short blurb today even!

The baby didn’t take well to the changes though we have a neat little set up for him to enjoy when mummy has to start going back to work again. He was so excited by all the moving around and the removalists coming in and out of the house that it was near impossible to get him asleep after the hype.

Last night, I swear he woke up for the most times in one night EVER. Possibly close to 7 times? I can’t imagine how fast his head must be moving in order to try and process all that was happening too…

But, the husband is still on leave for today so that we can work on getting more things done, and it looks like we’ll have to skip swimming lessons later on too because of the immense amount of work that needs to be done…

And of course, we will be back to regularly scheduled programmes on the blog once we work out our schedules and how things have to happen around here before you know it!

So hang in there! And until then, here’s hoping that clashes will be minimised and we’ll be settled enough to be able to enjoy our new environment soon!









Keeping things and myself out of the way,





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