Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

Feeling: Introverted and shy

So the baby has been learning more about people and we have been wanting to be a little bit more reclusive.

And no, it’s not because of the haze.

We’ve found out that the baby has really started to recognize people and the regular persons who are about him on a daily basis. It turns out that he’s quite shy when it comes to strangers too.

Something that happened in the last week that really took us by surprise was that he was deathly afraid of his great grandfather.






Could be that it’s the white hair, of the wrinkles and saggy skin, but he must have interpreted his Tai Gong to be something entirely out of the world so much so that he was scared! The fact that the old folk also speak in dialect at an indecent volume obviously didn’t help either.

You could see his face slowly breaking into a  cry as his Tai Gong walked by, and when he finally managed to get his sniffles under control, he would watch his every movement with a steely gaze as if worried that he would be approached by said enigma.

Of course we felt terrible for KongKong (on my hub’s side). He was trying to make light of the whole situation by laughing and turning away so that the bub wouldn’t burst into tears again, but every time he tried to come close, the bub would cling tighter and threaten to start wailing again.

At the same time, it seems that the bub doesn’t like feedback from PA systems either.

Out of the events that we’ve recently been to, he’s felt scared of the feedback and perhaps the person’s voice over the speakers and he’d have the same reaction of crying inconsolably until the offending noises were far removed.






And when we walked back to the event room, the tears would threaten to break loose again.


Then again, the baby only really had a reaction when certain people were up on stage or talking at loud volumes. So we were considering whether he just really disliked certain people for a minute there and someone had suggested that he could possibly have an auditory hypersensitivity issue.

The wonderful internet said that that might be an early sign of autism and I was worried for a second.

On a chance trip to the doctor for a little fungal issue on the bub’s leg, I asked the doctor in passing to check that out for us, and it seems like the bub is right as rain. And to just leave the sensitivity alone until we could verify why it irritates him when he gets older and can use words to tell us what he feels when he hears certain noises or people talking.






But moving on….

Other children seem to be a point of fascination for him too. He loves just looking at other kids running around and screaming and shouting, and for some reason, he doesn’t get affected by their loud noises as much as he does by sound systems.

He’s vaguely aware of the existence of other little babies when introduced and rightly so, since they only lie down and sleep and aren’t much by way of entertainment.

Perhaps only when people are capable of interaction…

Because seemingly, the bub is yet okay with other friends who are more of the same age and with close relatives.

Obviously, my mum whom he sees on a regular basis gets a smile and a cheerful chirping when she visits him and now, he’s starting to get more friendly with his paternal grandparents too since we are staying in their home until our renovations are done.

i know who you are




There are people who he reaches out for too, me especially – simply because he prefers their company. And for others, he chooses to turn away from them and bury his face in my neck for solace and comfort.

I can’t help but feeling a little twinge of superiority and glee when he happens to do it when a person that I don’t like has been trying to pick my son up without my permission or to pretend that they’re chummy with my child when they definitely haven’t been chummy at all with us to begin with.

But I’ve come to realise that I’m the same way too – albeit that my reactions are a little more refined and less… In your face.

I may not be the best at hiding my emotions when I see people who I dislike and I must admit that sometimes, my face is so easily read that there isn’t a point trying to conceal thoughts from others.

what are you thinking






But that’s the basis of all human relationships isn’t it. Being able to express your emotions to others so that we can learn how to better communicate with people around us – helping others to learn our character and how to react to it better as we spend more time with each other.

Especially when you’re a baby who spends all day at home and has barely seen the world. He needs all the exposure he can get.

The more that he sees, the better he’ll be at dealing with the different situations in an appropriate manner too. And of course we want to raise an all-rounded and well adjusted child right?

But it’s okay if he wants to be alone by himself sometimes to recharge sometimes. I understand that the hustle and bustle of the world can be a little overwhelming sometimes. That dealing with different people can be tiring and you can feel stretched thin by having to deal with exasperating adults.

Hell, sometimes I want to be able to curl up into a ball alone somewhere so that I can have a bit of peace and quiet to prepare for facing the world again too…

adore my own company






And if that’s the case, then I hope that I’ll be understanding when the bub needs to have a bit of time to himself. It would be nice to be able to count on someone to give you the space that you need, wouldn’t it?

There’s so many things out there for the bub to find out about! It will take the bub time to get used to all these different things, but I truly pray that he will constantly find the wonder and amazement in each new thing he comes across.

So, let’s explore the big scary world together and get to know more things about it hand in hand. Let mummy help you find out about things and face new experiences with an inquisitive mind and explorer’s courage!

To infinity and beyond,



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