To market, to market, to…

Feeling: like I’m running out of ideas

We just concluded a weekend of activity – we had a little excursion to the neighbourhood florist and also the 2nd session of our trial music class.

I was particularly excited about bringing the bub to see plants at the florist, because it wasn’t just a little tucked away shop in a shopping centre, but plants sold on grounds. Where there are lots of pots of palms, and Bougainvillea, lilies and herbs and all sorts of pretty green things.

We took the opportunity to get some photos taken there too, and I’m afraid I spend a lot more time posing than actually telling the bub about what plants were about.


Not that my memory of botany is any good either.










But yes, we had a wonderful time. The bub was snug as a bug in a rug in a ruck on my back. And with nary a sound, he took in all the beautiful flowers around him.

And I’ve really been thinking, how wonderful it is to bring the bub out to experience new things.

There’s just so much that he hasn’t seen before. Everything around him is new and exciting and while he can take the opportunity to see and experience all the things that the world holds, it’s also great for him to learn things!

Our music classes were done as a trial of 2 lessons. So I did the first lesson and the hubs took the 2nd. We learnt about LOUD versus soft sounds and hand movements and different sounds and the kiddies got to go underneath a colourful tent – that’s supposed to illustrate the difference between a small, quiet place and a loud, open environment.










Not too sure whether the bub really enjoyed the classes although we’re pretty sure that he loved seeing his friends and having new kinds of interactions with the things around him. Possibly something we could do on our during a play date rather than having to pay for classes…

But that’s just my miser’s mentality trying to save us some money on classes.

As it is, the bub has swimming classes, which we’ve been absent from for the last month on account of the haze. There is also the playground, and the evergreen draw of locations like the zoo and the bird park.

I absolutely have to remember to get us one of those Friends of the Zoo memberships.

Ever since a friend of mine told our mummies group that her elder son had a burning desire to see the penguins at 3 in the afternoon, and thanks to their membership, she didn’t have to worry about paying for entrance fees for all of 2 hours until closing time, I knew that I needed one of those myself!





Moving on though, there are really so many things for kids to do these days.

Even the malls come up with holiday activities. The tourist spots cater specifically for the holiday season when they know that parents are going to need some place to bring their children… Even out of the seasonal period, there are always parcels of programs to explore all over the island.

And all parents want, is to start their kids young – with enrichment classes and excursions and all that. So we bring them. Everywhere.

The hubs and I were talking about how we wanted our bub to do at least something sporty, something artsy and something academic in his (or her) childhood and make sure that they were an all rounded kid.

Driving our kids around to all the different training sessions and CCA activities is not so much a chore, but all about giving the kids the chance to be uninhibited in exploring their own potentials to learn and excel at what they like.

Let’s not even start talking about tuition classes…. Our kid is going to definitely need a rigorous supplementary Chinese education if he ever wants to leave the shadow of his parents’ ineptitude for that language..

spongebob enrichment







Paying to increase the aptitude of a child in an area that we perceive needs to be improved… I sometimes wonder whether we should just let kids be and do what they want to do. Let them figure out what they want to be good at and ignore the subjects and activities in which they have no interest in.

HAH! Like that would ever happen in Singapore, unfortunately…

Moving on though, sometimes I wonder if there are TOO many things to do. As it is, a few moments alone is hard to find.

Not so much for children who depend on their parents for everything, but for the parents who are preoccupied with having to provide. Taking care of the kids, doing housework, and balancing their actual paying work at the same time is a massive overload on the timetable…

And that makes me a little bit frightened to think about how I’m going to entertain the bub in the future.

Considering that we’ve chosen not to employ a helper in the house, being able to entertain the baby as well as manage some work from home.. Having to decide which of the 2 is more important is not the kind of decision that you want to be making on a daily basis..

Not to mention what might happen once the brood increases in number too….

many kids






I was easily bored when I was younger and always looking out for some unique and special experience. I was constantly hounding the hub when we were dating that we needed to find something NEW to do that weekend.

So thinking about that, I wonder how I’m going to find the energy, money and time to give my bub these opportunities to explore as much as he can. We would obviously love to be taking trips overseas but needless to say, we’re nervous about how much such trips would cost us.

I remember my childhood with fond memories. And now that I’m older, I realise how blessed I was and still am.

Even though my family lost my dad when my brother and I were small, we never wanted for anything. My mum did her best to provide. We got to travel overseas and I particularly remember a trip to USA very fondly because we went during winter and froze our asses off. Despite not actually being around for the coldest part of the season, Philadelphia graced us with a bit of snowfall and made one 12-year old bespectacled girl really quite happy 🙂

My hubs and I were both blessed to be able to travel quite a fair when we were younger, and that speaks leaps and bounds of how much our parents were able to expose us to such things.

But thinking back on our childhood now that we are older, we know better. If we are truly honest with each other, we’d admit that while all these trips are fun, we both don’t quite remember what was going on either and we wonder whether it will be worthwhile to spend the money now if he won’t recall the experience..

Surely the mind remembers having been able to go, but the actual details of what happened..

memories can be distorted





Heaven forbid, we choose not to bring him somewhere and think we saved ourselves some money and the kid blames us for not bringing him ANYWHERE when he’s older.

So best to give what we can, whenever we can eh?

I’ll be glad a few years down the line when he has to start going to nursery and preschool. Because then, at least he will have a good structured program to help him explore himself and his abilities more.

And heck, when it rolls around to when there are school overnight camps or church camps too….

We were just talking about out upcoming Youth Camp for church. It was going to be a Saturday over to a Tuesday and we gave each other a sly grin when we read the bulletin announcement. Not only are we going to be glad that there are catered activities for the kids, but possibly even more so for the few nights that we will get alone to ourselves! Woot!

come out and stop me






That aside.

I think that the lesson here is not about the cost of experiencing things, but to find ways and means to allow yourself the opportunity to keep doing so. It’s really about putting oneself out there and letting yourself experience whatever you can.


It looks like it’s time to start scouring those mummy-craft websites for nifty and cheap DIY activities at home and prepare to nurture an inquisitive little mind with as much as he can absorb, fingers crossed!

Again, whatever we might end up getting our fingers into, whether the situation turns out good or bad, it is the experiences and situations that we encounter that help us to learn and grow.

So it’s also important to take the time and smell the roses. To learn how to wind down and quieten oneself – perhaps enjoy a day at home doing nothing, not that a person would actually need to learn how to veg out watching TV.

But as long as it isn’t to the extent that studies and chores would be neglected too, of course!

Or better yet, teach the bub to put his inquisitive mind to use and figure out how to entertain himself!

find something to do







And that being said, we’ll take every step as it comes and pray that God provides the means for us to be able to provide such opportunities to the bub – that we won’t have to worry about not being able to afford anything, or that we will ever lack ideas for activities for the bub either.

In His time and with love from everyone, we’ll be able to do what we can, and it will be enough 🙂


Trusting in His divine providence,



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