Walking in your child’s footsteps

Feeling: Unimaginative and too much like an adult

So you lot saw the pretty impressive (by my standards) video of the kiddo crawling up the stairs. He hasnt figured out how to go down yet. But hey! Its still quite a big achievement innit?

Honestly, when we found out that he had the capacity to go up the stairs, we were really quite ecstatic!

Besides the fact that we could give our slowly growing biceps a bit of a break now that the child becomes mobile, it meant that the rest of the world will truly start opening up to him as he learns how to explore it on his own.

i can show you the world





But just to follow up on all this moving about.

The most significant thing about this whole entire phase that involves learning how to move around is the fact that the baby HATES straps.

Or rather, anything that restricts his movement. This includes, his high chair, his baby seat in the car, me holding him to tightly, trying to put his arms down because he’s flailing during meals. Holding his head still so that I can help him clear his nose or ears, inspecting his nails because he’s chipped them while crawling around…

He abhors it with a vengeance. And I mean kicking and screaming and tantrums and short of banging his head on the chair/table/side of the baby seat in the car…..

Lord, help me.

He's testing me





The majority of the issues seem to stem around food and sitting in the car. So for the majority of the time that we were figuring out his reluctance to BE STILL, we were worried that he didn’t want to eat, or perhaps he was car sick and we were scouring the internet pages for possible solutions to the issue.

Short of taking the bub out mid meal to let him stand up on our laps and take a tour of the restaurant or living room before coming back to the table, feeding him on the go, removing him from the car seat and having him in a baby carrier strapped to our chest (which we know is NOT safe)… What else can we do to get him to sit and behave?

Now, (after a lot of painful and stressful mornings and car rides, I think we’ll just peg it to the fact that he just likes to move around and leave it at that.

After all, we should let sleeping dogs lie right? Or rather, crawling babies explore.

The hubs was kind of like that when he was younger. With him, it was a big endeavour to get him to eat too.

Apparently what happened was that his house helper would prepare a bowl or plate of his food and the hubs would take a bite – one spoon of food. Jump on his tricycle and cycle around his definitely NOT small driveway before coming back for another mouthful. And we are talking a legitimate circular driveway, at a home where previously the entire extended family of 7 siblings and their spouses AND kids used to stay.

The sheer amount of people living in that house therefore required a driveway large enough for a number of cars to park, so yeah. It took the hubs a good hour before he would finish his food.

eat slowly






Yeah, so obviously my husband is a lot better at eating his food now. It’s just a matter of time before this phase of being difficult at mealtimes is over.

Until then, it will be a long while more of chasing and cajoling and convincing the baby to sit still.

Now I don’t know if this is me, and obviously it may not be applicable to ALL girl babies, but the ones that I’ve met and know in my circle of friends, seem to be all absolutely chuffed to sit still and observe their own fingers or just look at things going on around them, without the need to actually get up and experience it.

This little girl in my bub’s swim class, is perfectly happy to sit on the table for a bit while her mum packs up her bag to get ready to go, while if it were my baby, he’d be off the table the minute you turned your head!

Perhaps it’s a boy thing?

lost boys salute








But I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whatever it is, it’s my bub’s own unique personality, and seeing him so eager to look at things going on around him, makes me glad deep down in my heart.  And in any case, I can sort of understand why it’s so difficult to tie kids down too.

There is just SOOOO much to do. So much to explore. Different textures to feel, new things to see, weird shapes and funny colours and all sorts of sounds and situations and all that. Things that he needs to be exposed to so that he can gain his own understanding of the world.

It’s just come to the point when the bub has an AWARENESS; that he realises that there is a world that is just waiting for him. So why sit still?

And that knowledge that he’s ready to take in all these new activities and events and situations makes me (and the hubs) absolutely raring and looking forward to bringing him out to explore!

And the timing really couldn’t be better. I know the Lord is providing so much opportunity for us and we’re blessed that He has made things fall into place so perfectly to match the bub’s timing too.

The husband will be clearing leave as he prepares for a new job in the coming weeks. So we are going to have the time to really enjoy some fun family activity soon – perhaps a trip to the river safari or the beach or gardens by the bay or something. Who knows, maybe we might even do that short family trip that we’ve been talking about doing.

A lot of people have been telling me that before the bub hits a year old, it’s the best time to bring him out because you don’t have to focus TOO much on his meals and things. Just bring the boob and some diapers and GO!

That’s a story for another day, but it does put some ideas into your head for travelling.






But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

As parents, I suppose we can’t just let him go off exploring and doing whatever he likes without supervision, of course.

And there needs to be a good balance between all the hype and activity of moving around and I hope that we’ll be able to provide him with that quiet and calm space that he needs to come back to after the excitement of the new and unfamiliar.

So in the meantime, we’ll be keeping tabs on the little explorer and doing our best to keep him grounded while he explores despite the protests about being fettered by these “chains”.

Even if it’s just a matter of being encouraging and a little protective when it comes to the wealth of opportunity for learning and exploring, it’s our job as parents to make sure that he’s exposed to the right things as he comes across them.

So wish us luck!!

breaking chains









Relaxing bonds and breaking chains,


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