Busy, Busy mummy

Feeling: Overwhelmed with things to do

Oh my God, you have no idea how stressed I am with things.

But I take this moment to explain my life’s situation for all of you who are faithfully waiting for me to update Something, Anything about what’s going on. Haha.

finger gun






But yeah, I am SWAMPED.

Baby birthday plans and getting him to smash his cake on queue, making the most of the hub’s leave and attempting to do the Zoo, Gardens by the Bay AND a swim this week, while juggling writing Christmas cards to my clients and getting some work done…

Oh my.

So I hope that you don’t mind that  I won’t be writing proper posts for a week or two until I get all these things sorted out.

I will of course have photos to post up though because it’s truly indescribable to capture the expression on the bub’s face when he goes out with us to new places.

Like yesterday for example. We went to the National Gallery of Singapore which has recently opened and currently has free access to normally paying exhibits . Unfortunately while there was a lot of things to see, the kids’ art education centre had a MASSIVE queue (where you needed to wait minimum of 40 minutes just to smell the doors of the place) so we attempted to do our best to expose the kiddo to some classier pursuits.

Alas, our son much preferred to crawl around the place instead.



















Just as well, I don’t think our artistic knowledge is quite as up to par as we think it is.

Without any really “famous” pieces in the gallery, we didn’t quite know how to show him the pieces of art, and instead settled ourselves to take more pictures instead.

Just a word of caution: the baby rooms in the National Gallery SUCK. No chairs for nursing and no cushioned counter for changing your bub on. They actually had a marble slab counter top with NOTHING on it for making sure your baby has a comfortable experience having a nappy change.


Thank God I’ve learnt how to nurse while babywearing. It just saved me so much trouble from having to worry about where and how I’m going to take care of the bub’s hunger if he was so inclined…

But what a trip it was and it just makes us look forward to the coming week.

So excuse me for a bit while we explore the great outdoors with the bub. I promise pictures and updates while I don’t write posts, so hopefully that will appease all you wonderful keepers of internet ratings. *kissy kissy*










Here’s looking forward to the holidays!


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