Yet another week of Downtime

Feeling: entirely drained

It’s just a few more weeks to the beginning of the New Year and I’m already feeling like I’m long past gone.

It’s not just about all the flurry of Christmassy activity but because of the last week of intense baby time.

Especially since the hubs was clearing leave last week, we were playing catch-up for all the other times that we weren’t able to spend time with the bub doing family activities and all that, so we basically packed the week chock full of things to do, and come hell or high water (as the skies proved it would do), we made sure that we DID THINGS.

Therefore, this week is yet another week of short posts from me, because I firmly believe that while it’s good to put down your feelings and record what’s been going on, I desperately need to recharge MORE.

A little veg-ing out is seriously in order!

veg out





Don’t judge me.

And don’t get me wrong – I definitely am not going to be sitting on my bum.

I’ve got to catch up with work I’ve put aside for the last week of holidaying too so trust me, it’s not going to be much of a break.

I mean, I love when my hubs is on leave. We get a whole bunch of errands done, we spend some us-time together, we actually play with the baby and give him the attention he deserves.

But that means not working. And not working means no money. And at this point, there is no known way of surviving on ZERO money.







So I’mma gonna be slogging away this week doing work and meeting clients and things. And not writing a blog post for now.

At least until I can breathe a little,, here’s some kind of make-up apology pictures and some sort of photo-proof that I am as busy as I say and I did do a ton of things last week.


7th Dec @ The Blue House, Turf City



8th Dec @ the Singapore Zoo






11th Dec @ Gardens By the Bay



Counting Down to the New Year,


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