More Activities, Tighter Schedule

Feeling: Bitten to bits

It’s been one long week of erratic schedules because the bub has really started cutting teeth this week. The upper teeth are poking through the gums and that means that it pain-central for the poor little monster.

And in turn, that means that mama’s got dark eye circles and baggies to boot.

eyebags - yzma





But yes, I’m here to post things because I need to tell you about how mad trying to plan Christmas activities and take care of birthday plans PLUS finalise a renovation truly can be.

Safe to say – I am SWAMPED.

I mean, buying presents, trying to make the bub’s Christmas an interesting one. Making sure there are presents for him and there are presents for people who will eventually gift him something too….

Not to mention the parties that we’ll be going to in order to exchange those presents.. I can just see the turkeys baking and the pork crackling, the lights going up and the carolling ringing through the households….









But in all honesty, one some level I hope that all the Christmas hype and commercialisation isn’t something that the bub grows up to take for granted.

It’s supposed to be more than the presents and the gifts. Or the bad Orchard Road decorations or the Christmas shows in the center of the shopping malls. More than the eating and the meet-ups with friends too!

It’s about being blessed with the opportunity to enjoy all of that because of the sacrifice of our Lord. And I hope that while we teach the bub the importance of the season, that we don’t forget it ourselves 🙂

So amongst all the flurry and activity, ’tis the season to be grateful and count blessings – the ultimate one being that Jesus came to Earth and we commemorate His “birthday”, it is only right that I take the time to thank the people around me for just being there and helping, one way or another.

There are too many to list here really. And while I’m all about extolling all their virtues and citing all the little instances that they’ve provided some help to me, I’m not going to.

I think it makes more sense to make an effort to take the time to thank them in person. Spend a short 5 minutes to sincerely give them my undivided attention and tell them about what I really feel 🙂

I feel pretty






But yes, while I’m doing a special kind of Christmas list for these people, as always with a half-post – here are some pictures to help you while the time until we are back in business after the New Year 🙂

Lotsa Christmas jingles and cheers 🙂

IMG_0435 IMG_0515 IMG_0442




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