Keeping Traditions Alive

Feeling: a tad wistful

So we’ve had pretty much a whole weekend of celebrating.

Eating and meeting up with friends and gift exchanging and all that.

And since I am out of pictures to fill in this space have some things that I need to say, I am back with a vengeance, and back to regular programming!

Yes, folks! I know you’ve missed me *muah*

I TRULY love the season of Christmas. Not just for the message behind the holiday, but also for the lovely feelings I get from reminiscing about my own childhood.

And let me just tell you, my younger years were an absolute BLAST.

party hard






Honestly, there’s really not much that I would do much differently if I relived my childhood again.

My teenage years however….

*ahem* That’s a different story for a different day.

Moving on… As are most holidays, Christmas is also filled with a lot of memories. Some of which stem from long standing traditions of celebration – the dinners and the parties, the carols and the decorations.

Back when my hubs and I first started dating, we thought it very fortuitous that his family held a Christmas Eve thing while mine always held their do on Christmas Day. We were blessed with the opportunity to eat as much as we wanted for practically the whole week if we were lucky, counting all the friends and extra parties that we were invited to up to bringing in of the new year.

And on hindsight, it was a good way to show each other our own traditions, experience each family’s way of doing things.

In my family, the Christmas tree was something that we would set the time aside to do together, and we would always fight over how much tinsel was actually needed and who got to hang what and decide placement where.

christmas tree






Obviously now, the bub is way too small to be hanging anything on the tree, but also, because we’re not actually staying in our own house right now, there are other traditions in this household that need to be followed too.

And the biggest one of it all is that,  things have changed since my hubs was a child. When he was younger, setting up the tree WAS a family thing. But somehow, the season has lost its importance and now, the helper sets up the tree and the decorations.

One day the tree isn’t there and the next minute it in. Aaaand, shortly before the New Year, the tree kinda just disappears on its own too.

Quite anticlimactic and a little too uninvolved for my liking. But we really can’t complain. Although we spent a lot of time (and money) looking for a perfect (fake) tree and decorations, the whole effort has come to naught.

Since we’ve bought the tree, we’ve only had the whole shebang up just ONCE.

I was pregnant last year and nearing my due date – we didn’t want to worry about keeping things up, and this year, the whole tree sits still in its box as we wait to move back home.

So while it seems a lot less festive here, the set up suits its purpose.










There is also less importance placed in gift-giving.

While I am used to making the effort to find perfect presents that suit the person that I’m buying for, there’s not much ado about gift exchanging here, if at all.

The bub gets a present in a red packet, and we don’t really put presents under the tree in this house either because their dog might just come in and piss all over everything. It seems a little more mindful to just keep the presents in a bag in the cupboard where he can’t get at it.

Back home, our dog is so scared of her own shadow, it’ll be hell freezing over before she would willingly go to ours.

what's going on




Another big tradition that I hold very dear to my heart is our yearly ritual of Christmas Carolling. I used to sing in the church choir with all my Sunday school mates and we had quite a number of years of harmonizing and carolling in tune to all the different jingles of the season.

For us, it was a chance to belt out the top favourites and really just, for lack of other word, JAM to the most cheesy songs of Yule.

It was something I was ecstatic to expose my hubs to and was and still is the best part of my Christmas. I truly hope that when the bub is old enough to realise what is going on, that he will treasure it just as much as I have.

Unfortunately while we were carolling, we also realised that the bub had a internal time limit set and would promptly melt down if he was still out past 10:30pm – something that we have no intention of repeating ever again…

It seemed a very big and stark difference from our Christmas Eve dinner this year too, which ended early as we put the bub to sleep. We couldn’t even make it to the candlelight service at church because, well, we put him to bed early then and took the chance to get some early shut eye for once too.

ready for bed






But through all the differences, what I’ve realised about the whole season is the importance of making our own traditions.

The hubs and I would catch each other’s eye, on more than one occasion and we would agree that this thing going on, or whatever this or that person was doing, was something that we wanted to do for our own little family.

Because we are waiting to move back into our house, we are now a little restricted in term of privacy and space to practice Christmas in the way that we want to. But despite that we are a little wiser for it in terms of being able to see how we would like our own Christmasses of the future to come to pass.

Especially now that we have our own baby, we know that it’s important for us to set the mood and atmosphere right for the baby so that he sees the precedent of how things are supposed to work.

And while it’s a matter of putting things into place for us, at the end of the day, what we do leaves our bub with memories of a beautiful season of his own.







It’s a heavy responsibility to be in charge of setting a person’s memories. And it you think about it, it’s not just when it comes to the holidays, but as parents and guiding him through the rest of life too.

He’s going to look back on these precious years and that’s what his impression of us is going to be based on – what we did with him, how we spent time with him, how we handled each situation….

It’s just a matter of time before the bub is going to want to make memories of his own, so while he is relying on us, we’ll just do the best that we can and take each step as it comes!

That said, it’s a good time to reflect on the past year and like what I said in last week’s post – to take stock of what we’ve achieved or aim to achieve, and set goals for the New Year. To be thankful for the things that we’ve been given and to express that gratefulness to the people that have helped us get to where we are.

It’s just a matter of time before 2015 is over and we welcome yet another year, so make the most of every moment that you’ve got with your bubs and your hubs and your families too!

So, here’s to my very last post of the year. I hope you guys have had a good one with me!









Making Resolutions,


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