A New Milestone

Feeling: Excited and Pressed for time…

So the bubby’s birthday is coming up.

Facebook has been faithfully reminding me every day that one year ago, I was anxiously waiting for the bubby to be born because he was supposed to out on the 12th of January.

Of course, if we refer back to the past,  so long ago, and  there are more lamenting posts where those came from too… *ahem* We would know that the bub wasn’t exactly a very punctual baby.

But all that doesn’t really matter so much now because in a little under a month, he’s going to turn one. That’s a whole lot of milestones right there.






Obviously, the mammoth thing on my plate right now is getting ready for his first birthday party.

I never really had birthday parties growing up. I never quite asked for one either. It was just one of those things that I always attended and never held.

Partly due to our financial circumstances and also because of the amount of work and planning that goes into having a party I think.

I did have one when I was 6. At Macdonalds.

That was kind of the “in” thing  to do back then I guess? It was one of the happiest times of my youth. I would definitely do something like that for my bub when he’s old enough to appreciate fast food. But for the time being, I’m going to focus on his very first birthday and while I know that he’s still quite small and might not understand that all the hype around the house is all about celebrating his birth, I hope that he somehow has good feelings about his birthdays after this one.

I had a barbecue party just once. had some people come over and just eat and go for a swim in my then condo’s pool. It was nice being the centre of attention for a little while. And of course the fact that you hold a birthday party for yourself means that at the very least your guests will bring presents at the end of it all too right?






I did want to have a huge 18th birthday party. A yacht, lots of booze, party music, the works. Of course I didn’t have the money to book one and in all that day dreaming about what a big party would be like, I ended up letting that boat sail.

One of the regrets in my life is not having more parties for myself to be honest :/

SO. In my effort to make this memorable. I’ve gone a little mad on the DIY front. I’m doing bunting and I’m also thinking of baking the cake from home. And I also want a selfie booth, so that means that I need props.

Ordering a costume for the husband to wear….

The Works. (Or as much of “The Works” as I can afford to have, given the multitude of other things going on that require our bank account’s attention now in any case.)








And in light of the amount of effort I’m putting into it, a lot of people have been telling me their views on birthday parties.

Why make it SUCH a big fuss? What about the second and third birthdays? What about if you have a second child? Do you think you’ll be able to throw one just as big, or will you forego it altogether?

Too many things to think about now, I think. While I worry about some of these questions too, I really think that we’ll just cross that hurdle when we get there. Why shouldn’t I focus on what I can do for now, and when the 2nd and third birthdays and/or children come along, I will do my darned best then too – whether it’s throwing them a party as big or perhaps even bigger?

In the meantime while I ponder my future actions, it helps that I’ve got a lot of my January mummy friends to take reference from.

Some of them are second time mums and their January baby is the 2nd one they’re having.

It’s nice to see how they are taking things in their stride and that gives me lots of helpful sources that can help answer my questions and give me examples to think about to boot! We talk about how to handle having multiple kids and all the different activities and parties and the first time mums trade stories too. It’s a wonderful community.

friends group hug






We’ve all got this big January baby bash coming up at the end of the month though and I can bet that we’ll be talking about our baby’s first birthdays for a long time to come.

We’re all friends on Facebook and  it’s quite fun to see how every other day some mum has thrown her January baby a party and uploaded photos. Especially over the weekends.

My Facebook feed is ALL babies and their first birthdays right now. Cars and Mickeys and Zoos, Jungles, Minions and Rainbows and all sorts of birthday party themes..

Just looking at all the festivities online….. Let’s just say that there are DEFINITELY some standards to live up to! Haha! There was one mum that I wish I took a page of her book off from, she bought her bub a branded bag, had an intimate family gathering and called it a day. Something that would last through the years.

So many of them are DIY-ing their party decorations and their party favour bags are just… Enviable!







And all of these things that we are coming up with… That’s just a parent’s love.

The amount of effort that each parent puts into commemorating their kids and remembering what’s happened in the last year is only surpassed by the feelings behind the whole operation. It’s inconceivable how much love and hope goes into these parties and their planning. And not just that, but any other form of remembrance for the family – say a photo book.

I came up with a little photobook (or two) (or three) a while back. It compiles a bunch of the bubby’s parties, the photoshoots, the first haircuts and the swimming lessons, the being wrapped and the other important times in his life.

It wasn’t an easy task  to put together the little book. As a parent, every single photo is a memory and a precious moment in time for me. I wanted to chuck all of my photos in there. But alas, there’s obviously a photo limit and page limit to the thing. Plus the EXTRA amount of work to rework and edit photos and layouts……

*ahem* moving on, when I am old and grey and all my friends have passed, when I can’t remember how to go to the toilet or if I don’t have the strength to walk about anymore, I’ll still have all these pictures to look at and that will bring back all the  warm and fuzzy feelings.

Surely that’s enough reason to spend that little bit of effort on something right?

pooh apart, but together






But yes, working on that little album and remembering the whole year of this precious little boy in our lives, I am reminded how wonderful it is to have him. And just how much our lives have changed having him around – how we now revolve around his schedules and what he eats and how he sleeps, keeping even closer tabs on him now when he teeters and totters and clambers and crawls all over the house as opposed to when he was helplessly lying on the bed.

His birthday is really more than just having people over to see him and marvel at how big he’s grown. It’s more than just an excuse to eat heartily and indulge.

It’s really about how one whole year has seen so many things happen, not only to our little bubby, but to us as his parents too. How we’ve all grown in maturity and knowledge and skillz of different sorts together.

And all that being said, like what I said about Christmas, again, there’s more to the whole occasion than how big the party is, or how many presents the birthday boy receives. It’s up to us as parents to show him how blessed he is to be celebrating another birthday.

A year of being healthy, with a roof over his head. With people who love him all around and caring for him….

so loved





Whatever we intend to do with birthdays in the future I just hope that I’m able to somehow instill into the little bubby that it’s not about how big the celebration is, but about the people who are around to celebrate it with you and what it means to him, growing one year older.

Growing Older and Wiser together,


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