One Year Older…

Feeling: Relieved and Satisfied!

So we concluded a MASSIVE party yesterday!

I think we easily had 100 guests yesterday including little kiddies running all over the place to boot!

I never thought that I would be holding a party where there would be almost as many tiny babies as there were adults, but it looks like I’m well on my way to get there!

After all the effort that we put into making bunting, setting up a selfie booth + props, setting up a dessert cum celebration table, putting together over a thousand blue pillow photos that show how the little bub has grown AND baking all the cookies and a rainbow cake too, I’m glad that the festivities are over!







The bub’s real birthday is tomorrow and we are going to take a well deserved wind down today and all of the next day too.

So that means no post from me this week. Wee!

Unfortunately, it’ll be a while before my pictures come in though, so in the meantime, I leave you with a picture of our cake and some of the snaps from other people too.

C is for Cookie, R is for REST!


IMG-20160124-WA0018 20160123_213524 IMG-20160123-WA0032


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