Slowly but Surely

Feeling: Under the weather

So I almost forgot that I was supposed to be blogging today.

The beginning of the week heralded a host of new problems I didn’t foresee last week as we buckled down for the new year.

It’s been one heck of a past week trying to get the house all set up, what with all the Chinese New Year festivities in the way and I didn’t expect to still be so out of sorts after spending the week back home already.

And I know that I haven’t really been pulling my weight with the posting as of late – something that I hope I’ll be able to rectify as things start settling down at home a little bit more.

hold your horses







Right now, we are still sitting amongst big piles of boxes, but at least we can walk around the house.

We made our second trip to IKEA this week to do a second round of accessory purchases – little shelves and organizing equipment, boxes from DAISO and all of that too. And I think perhaps we are at 50% cleared up?

It’s sad to think that there is so much to do when all we really want is to ENJOY the house.

Alas, we can’t enjoy the house until things are cleaned and tidied up.

Hell, despite the last weekend being Valentines’ Day, we didn’t even get much time to sit down and rest our weary behinds, much less any alone time.

pat pat






I’m reminded a lot of how things were when we first moved into this house 2  years ago. We were preparing for the wedding and feeling broke out of our skulls because we had just put a down payment on the house and the wedding.

We made do with what we had. We didn’t renovate the house, we lived on the showers and toilet bowls that the house came with. We made do with the dinky sink and put in shower curtains in place of where there should be glass shower doors. We ate on the coffee table in front of a laptop before we had a TV and we scrubbed the legs of the dining table that was a hand-me-down…

It wasn’t an expensive and sophisticated house, but it was home.

Add in the fact that my hub was in between jobs and free to help me bang in nails and screws and drill holes and put up shelves. We made it work.


emma talk




But in those 2 years, things have changed so much.

Besides having the baby in tow, we also have a the house full of things that needs to be set down. All the new items we’ve gathered over the years. Things that need to be personalised and put into their rightful place….

We need to ensure the baby is properly taken care of on top of having to assemble and clean and wash all the dishes before they can be set into the cupboard. The baby’s timetable and schedule dictate what we can and can’t do during the day.

I’m not saying that I’m not happy that we have all this work in front of us – it’s kind of masochistic to be happy about cleaning up the house, but I obviously am happy in my own weird little way.

There’s just something about coming home to a house that you’ve built just to your specifications and being able to do what you want, and have the freedom you deserve in your own place…

But sometimes, with the bub it seems like we haven’t really had the chance to sit back and ENJOY this new place yet.

sleep through the night






Let’s just say that there are different priorities right now and despite how much I loathe living in a house that’s this disorganized, I know that we need time to work through things.

All it takes is to get one box out of the way every day and to enjoy the process of unloading. Perhaps I might even be able to find the heart to get rid of somethings and unburden myself in this new season of life in our “new” home too…

And things will go right back to the way they were soon (hopefully)!

In the meantime, life is more than having a clean house. Life is about taking the time to enjoy the moments that you have with your loved ones and like I posted a few days ago, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing, than building a house together with my Valentine, and the baby that I have had with that very person.

At the end of the day, there are only so many more moments of my child being a child and the house can wait. (Although my face will twitch whenever I spy a mess out of the corner of my eye…)

face twitch







So while I’m trying to get my own timetable back to status quo, fitting in work, and house cleaning and the baby and everything back into order, I’ll try my best to keep updating how things are going every week until we are back to our usual programming.

It’s just a matter of time!

Buried under Boxes and Boxes,




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