We’re Getting there!

Feeling: Accomplished but not at the finish line yet!

There’s a long way more to go, there are still boxes all over the living room and we are still up to midnight most nights this week to make sure that we’ve done all that we can in the house, but I’m pleased to say that we’ve put up the guest bed, established a bit of a routine, and have a place to hang up our towels now!

Our contractor didn’t put up the towel rails and toilet paper holders, we don’t know for what silly reason, but let me tell you that #1, it’s so wonderful to have a husband who knows how to drill holes and fix up the house, and #2, you’ll never appreciate a toilet roll holder on the wall as much as when you have to reach around you to grab the roll sitting on the pedestal behind you for half a month.

Toilet roll







While today’s post still won’t be my usual length (coz I’ve still got some things to take care of in addition to “chup gor meh” – 15th and last day of CNY – preparations, I just wanted to take the time to update you all on how we’re doing.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind to be honest. Having your own home and wanting everything to be PERFECT… It takes a toll out of you.

But like I said, #1 – it’s wonderful to have a husband who knows his way around a tool box.

I mean, you pay professionals to do this stuff – repair your sink, fix a shelf to the wall and that’s like  $50 a visit? Have a husband who does all this, and not only do you get all of this done for FREE, but we have clean up crew and flexibility of time and convenience to do everything as you with. Even on weekends.

To the chagrin of the husband sometimes, of course.

(Sorry darling.)

saturday is for sleeping






Well, a long time ago when the hubs and I were just dating, we used to think about how it would be wonderful to build a house together. And it was a recurring dream of ours throughout our relationship.

We moved to Australia for a period of time while he was studying there and really thought that we’d buy a piece of land, start digging out a garden, putting down some bricks, work out some pipes and cables, and even putting in a fence – which we actually did do for a good friend…

But we moved back to Singapore and things like that just don’t materialise in a country where land is scarce. Short of living in a landed property and building a shack in your garden, you’re really not going to get much opportunity to tinker around with wood and metal.

We talked about going on a mission trip a while back too In particular to build homes or buildings for people in less fortunate circumstances and were really looking into habitat for humanity for a period of time. Somethings that can’t quite work themselves out once you have a baby in tow :/

pat baby






But besides being unable to carry out our dream so far, for my hubs, being an engineer, building and working with his hands have been something that is just… LIFE for my hubs.

Working with his hands has been something that he truly loves doing. I’ve personally seen his eyes light up and the GAME ON face take over when he gets into fixing up the house and getting into the groove of DIY. P

Plus a half-naked and sweaty man working with power tools in the house… Ooh lala!


It makes me yearn for something like this for my son sometime in the near future.

Thinking about how useful it is to know how to handle not just the hammer and the screwdriver and the set of simple tools you can get from IKEA, but an impact drill, and know which bits are used for what material, to know how to use a hack saw and file down doors so that they close and catch on lock better, is not only useful and a skill that many don’t possess anymore, but a wonderful way for the hubs to spend time with his son, and for his son to spend time with his father.

son and dad






It comes so easy to my hubs to fix up the house that it never occurred to me until recently that he probably learnt everything from his dad too and learning how to handle tools and manipulate things with them is going to be the legacy that my son will have with his grandfather and his dad and hopefully his own kids to come.

It really just brings a smile to my face thinking of all those life skillzz my kids are going to be learning… I’m beaming in pride already.

And of course, all that is applicable to any other kids we’ll have in the future.

My hubs is particularly looking forward to teaching our future daughter how to drill holes better than any man can 😉

Letting the men do the job,


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