Entertaining the LO

Feeling: Happy and accomplished

The house is far from finished. We’ve got the last few straggling boxes that still need to be cleared out, but despite that, the hubs and I have finally moved on to clearing the baby’s room out and he finally has a space of his own!

Hopefully a space that he’ll be happy to move into, on his own! He still co-sleeps with us and that means squeezing everyone on to hunker down for the night. But while our bed is definitely not getting any bigger, we enjoy the cuddles and closeness we get from having knowing there’s a little warm body to hug right there.

Alas, eventually we will need out bed back one day, perhaps when we bring the #2 child home eventually, and then we’ll have to restructure the dynamics of the bedroom to make space for everyone.

my room





But moving on, after all this unpacking, we have to get out of this house and get some sunshine some time right?

And that’s what we did last week. Sort of. If you can call running around doing errands and basically following a tight schedule of THINGS slowing down and smelling the fresh air.

Well, besides going for church, we’ve really been looking and narrowing down some classes for the bub. We also went to visit our swimming buddy yesterday so that mummy could do a bit of work and of course we would talk about what we’ve been getting up to and all that.

I shared that we recently went for this Heguru thingy as a trial along with some other January mummies and I was horrifically overwhelmed by how right-brain training was conducted.

It’s a fast paced way of exposing the brain to pictures and concepts because, according to research, a child’s brain is a gateway at this tender age, and you need to expose it to as many things as possible. It’s equitable to a sponge and it will soak up EVERYTHING that it touches right now.






And let me tell you, if their theories prove to be true, at the rate that they are running that class, I really wouldn’t be surprised if my bub turns out to be a genius.

Goodness, I could barely figure out half the stuff that was said. And perhaps that’s how it works. They throw SO MANY things at you, that you can’t help but retain some of it! Haha!

But besides this class, we’ve attended a music class already, and yesterday we did a My Gym trial, and it seems there is a LOT of variants to how you can entertain, educate and enrich your children when you get around to looking.

Some of the classes seem to be a glorified social outing for the baby, with a little song and dance added in, some are real tumble tots and energy-expenders, and of course the various levels of actual training for their little baby brains.

brain train






It’s truly baffling how parents are meant to pick a class out of all the available ones when they all seem to be different and assist the different growing faculties and skills without spending themselves out of house and home.

These classes, they are NOT CHEAP! A term in one of the tuition or preschools can easily cost 4 figures. I can only hope that somehow my children recognize and appreciate the money and time we sacrifice to make sure that they get help and encouragement and structured learning.

Our swimming buddy-mummy said this – “I never wanted to be a kiasu mummy and see what happened? I have her enrolled in 2 classes already!”

And I have a feeling that I’m on the same track. My poor baby..

stress school







Were we like this when we were younger?

I remember doing a lot of extra curricular activities when I was younger. I know my mum sent me for ballet, and I followed through with my piano lessons all through Grade 8 (even though I failed the final exam) and for sure I needed help with Chinese – I had tuition and han yu pin yin classes.  I know my brother had abacus classes and tuition at Lorna Whiston, and he was a whiz at badminton and won a few trophies for that.

Especially when I was in primary school. I pushed myself to take as many ECAs (as they were called in the good old days) as I could. I have no idea what made me want to take up so many things, perhaps it was a bit of kiasu-ism – not wanting to lose out pushed me to try and experience everything… 

At one point I had taken up 4 – computer club, Girls’ Brigade, Swimming and Tennis I think, and I couldn’t focus my energy properly. I was spread too thin. It’s a stern reminder to never overload my own child and to remember to caution him that he will need to hone skills when he’s found something that he has an interest and hopefully a passion for.

It might be exciting to be a Jack of all Trades, but he has to pick something and be a master of one or two of them. Otherwise, I think it doesn’t make sense to dabble in so many pies – to be half good at too many things.

doing it well






And again, because we’re going to have to be paying for all of this, I really hope that they really put our money to WORK and get the most out of the classes and training sessions that they attend.

But it’s not a pain to pay for classes as long as the kiddos enjoy the classes and benefit from them right?

It makes me suddenly all teary eyed to think about how much my mum loved us to have sent us to so many classes to make sure that we had the best start in life. And I suppose it rubbed off a little – I tried my best to excel in whatever classes I was put in. To an extent.

I’m sure that I fussed when I was forced to practice my piano scales and do the homework. I got irritated at having to travel back and forth and I know for sure that I didn’t want to wake up early in the morning to go swimming or to Girls’ Brigade on a Saturday morning…

Sigh. I was probably a little ingrate at the time.

Looking back on it all, I know that it all adds up to the experience of my childhood, and I know that while we were never made of money, that my mum did her best to make sure that we never wanted for anything and if wanted to explore a sport of a type of craft or something, that she did her best to facilitate it.

And if she can do all that on her own as a widowed mum, then I can jolly well do at least half as good a job with all the resources that I have now.

make your mama proud





And of course, hopefully it’ll all be reciprocated in the coming generations in due course too.

It’s all just a matter of time before we’ll see how it all pans out. We’ll just have to keep out eyes peeled to see what the little bub will show interest in and wants to explore.

It’s not just about the money and putting him through the classes, it’s about doing your best and being there every step of the way to make sure that your child gets whatever support they can get, whether monetarily or emotionally.

Looks like I’ve got to level up a bit and better sooner than later.

Lots to live up to,



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