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Feeling: Sunburnt, itchy and immensely satisfied

So today begins yet another week. After all this time, the weekends never seem to get longer and all the more so because the weekends are the only family time we really get. And as I mentioned before, the hubs works alternate Saturdays now too so in fact, the weekends are literally getting shorter for us.

So when we get the chance to spend a bit of family time together, we try out best to really get out and do things.









Last weekend, we got up early and went to the water park in Bishan.

The bub loves water. These days after a shower, he throws a bit of a tantrum when it’s time to come out of the wet. And when he’s at swimming, he might be shivering and turning all blue, but he’s squealing and yelling and giggling all over the place as long as he can kick around 🙂

So any water-play park was a natural choice for us to bring the bubby.

We are very blessed to have friends who ask us out to do these nature outings.

Given how things have been the past few weeks with doing up the house and getting everything in order at home, if I have one free weekend to just sit at home and stare at the TV I’d be happy.

We actually did try to do that when we came home from the park. But alas, the baby is much more interested in one-on-one play time than watching TV, we barely got him to sit down for 10 minutes of Snow White before he wanted to jump up and walk around.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that we can’t use the TV to entertain him! Hell, I can barely get him to roll around the bed with me in the morning so that mummy can sneak in a few more winks…

bed rolling






So, as much as we wanted to sleep in more on the weekend where the house didn’t need any urgent fixer-uppers, we hauled ourselves out of bed at 7:30am in the morning to get ready for the park.

And he loved it.

He had such a fun time traipsing about all the little “streams” and in the flowing waterways. He fell into the water puddles and splashed about the “hot tub” water point and really had a whale of a time.

We even made friends with someone while we were splashing about there. We had parent-connection and talked about how our boys were growing and what they liked doing and also about how us as parents try our best to accommodate their changing demand for attention and activity.

The lovely papa I spoke to was telling me about how he and his wife run a company from home, and while it was tough to juggle work and get computer time versus looking after their son, they were blessed that they were at liberty to do what they liked most of the time – like bring him out on weekdays to places like this when it isn’t jam-packed full of other weekend activity-seekers.

I couldn’t help but think about my own scenario and feel a bit wistful. Looking back on all the pictures that I took of him at the water park, it makes me really wish that I had a bit more time to give him even though I’m blessed to be working from home most of the time too.




















I’d be the last person to compare the sacrifices and situations of families with full-time working parents or stay at home parents or working at home parents, but it feels that the parents who work from home have the short end of the stick.

There’s work to be done and deadlines to meet, but you can’t get anything done because you have to watch after your kid, unless you have help. And when you take the break to go and get work done, you feel guilty because you’re around, but can’t give your baby the attention that they deserve.

It’s a tough trade-off.

Until the weekend comes and you can, with a clear conscious, push the work aside and focus on family time and being 100% there, in body AND mind.

But all that being said, I was just telling my girlfriend who came down to the water park with us about how sometimes, I forget that I’m a parent.

Like I’d wake up early in the morning and be all dazed and dopey and “Oh yeah. I have a kid. OMG! I have a kid!”

that's not mine






Don’t get me wrong though. Not in the way that I regret having one, because I don’t. I absolutely love being a mum and especially a mum to the boy that I have. But sometimes, I just feel like a kid who isn’t grown up enough to be a parent.

I mean, I like to sleep in and be irresponsible once in a while. I want to walk around the house in my underwear and not brush my teeth or leave the dirty dishes in the sink. Or maybe I just want to go out and spend the whole evening drinking, maybe just lie in bed the whole afternoon and play games on my phone.

And with a baby, you can’t quite have the luxury of doing that anymore.

You have to sacrifice a little bit more. Put aside money into a bank account, learn how to be patient when teaching your child to do things, become more resourceful and creative to keep your child more entertained, forego some sleep on the weekend so that your bub gets to explore and experience all that there is to.

There are more important things to do when you’re a parent.






Well. I look forward to spending more time with the bubby. I don’t forget how I am eager to bring him out to experience more things for the very first time.

For example, we found out that the bub doesn’t like the feeling of grass much, and that’s just all the more reason for us to go out with the bub more often and expose him to more places all over the everywhere.

Sand on the beach perhaps? And more outdoorsy places if we can.

A friend was saying that you need to have your kids exposed to everything and as much as possible when they are younger so that they don’t reject the notion of doing different things as they grow up.

Heaven forbid, he ends up coming off as some pampered little boy when he heads into the army and is forced my birthright to suffer in the jungle. Naw, my boy(s) will all learn how to tear tree bark with their teeth and be the survivors in every sort of situation, so help me God!








*ahem* well, perhaps not so much throwing him out to rough things out, but there are certainly a lot of  things that I can show my child as he grows up so that he will appreciate what he has and all the opportunity that is waiting for him.

We are attending a church camp this year. My first that I’ve attended since I was a teenager when I went with my mum and my brother in our own family bonding time.

I still hold extremely fond memories of my past church camps in other countries. Seeing a different culture and learning more about my spiritual self and God as well as building friendships with other kids at the camp too.

It’s my hope that my family will have fond memories of our first church camp together too and that there are things that we will learn, father, mother and child, that will bring us closer together and stronger in our faith in God and each other, things that we can bring back home and practice in our every day lives when the holiday is over.

And besides that, there are always more plans to be made about what to do so that the learning process never ceases! Not for him, and not for us.

While I know that it might seem like time and schedule restrict how much we can do, slowly and surely we’ll show him all the world has to offer him, and then some.

i can show you the world 2





Let’s explore, MORE,


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