Do things, many things! But do them TOGETHER.

Feeling: all emo from watching this below video…

So we end Holy Week with a weekend so chock full of activity, it can barely be called a holiday.

Friday was Good Friday, we went to church, had lunch with the hub’s parents, and a cell group meeting with another 10 other boys all under the age of 6. Saturday we had an Easter Egg hunt at the Jacob Ballas’ Garden followed by a long nap and the Pet Expo, and Sunday, we had a lazy day, and a humungous lunch at a Korean place with a big ball pit, followed by an afternoon (and evening) of clearing out the study of furniture.

*phew* I don’t even know where we got all the energy to do all the things that we did, but when you’re on your way home, and your bub is so knackered that he starts falling asleep on the ride in the car, you know you did gooooooood.




















ANYWAY, I’m not going to be writing much of a post today. I just want to leave ya’ll with some pictures and a video.

Something dawned on me this weekend as the hubs and I spent time with my son. Over the multitude of activities that we had on this weekend, we had a family time on Sunday morning. With a simple box of Duplo bricks, the fan on full blast, all 3 of us just lay on the bed and watching the bub fool around with bricks.

The hubs told a ridiculous Mickey-chair-face and Minnie-cake-body story (don’t ask) and we just sat and laughed and banged around with the toys for a good 2 hours.

And it was perfect!

I came to the realisation that it’s really not what you do with your kids that matters, as long as you do things together with them. And it’s sealed even more firmly in my heart after I watched THIS video.

*WARNING: trigger, tear-jerker. Please prepare some tissues, coz if you don’t cry, you have no soul*



I’m ashamed to say that the video made me think a lot about what I do at home.

I work from home a lot and like I’ve mentioned before, it’s tough to juggle things to do and at the same time pay attention to your baby when there are deadlines to be met. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes I do end up trying to fob him off with toys, or put things on the floor praying hard that he’ll take an interest in them so that I can actually get a few sentences or words in to my work files.

Well, I actually told my bosses, prior to this revelation, that I wanted a little time off last week. Partly because it was a public holiday, but also because I wanted to have a bit of free time to spend with my son and just play with him, without having to worry that there would be work in the back ground.

And that feeling of freedom that I get when I’m really able to concentrate on the bub without having to worry about the work that’s sitting and waiting for me is priceless.

It makes me wish sometimes that we had the means for me to be a stay at home mum entirely in all senses of the word.

I could live with having to take care of all the housework and cook for the family every day. I think I would look forward to making friends with all the aunties and uncles in the market when I bring the bub to grocery shop every morning.

But all that being said, the video is more of a very stern and heart-breaking reminder about how sometimes your kid doesn’t need you to bring him out to the zoo or the park or even the playground. He just wants you to be there.

I’ve even noticed that the bub doesn’t really care too much whether you play with him. He just wants my company, to know that I’m watching over him.

i'll watch over you





And that being said, I’d like to take the opportunity to remind everybody that you need to stop and smell the roses sometimes.

Don’t let the little things in life pass you by because you never know when they’ll be gone, and all you’ll be left with is the regret that you took these things – whether family or friends or some you-time – for granted.

SEIZE LIFE! Carpe diem, carpe noctem, carpe vitam!

And do it with someone you love 🙂

Let’s get social,



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