A Father’s Perspective: Words from Me to You

Hi peoples!

A year in, a new father’s perspective was supposed to be a topic for a blog post. But I guess through all the thinking of what to write, I thought I would something different and maybe leave something for our little man to read in future and hopefully remembers what I have written here.

Wife must be wondering why I took so dang long to write just 16 lines…

So here goes…

It’s been a little over a year now and boy, has it flown past,
ou’re getting bigger, smarter and cuter pretty fast.
Don’t be in a hurry to grow up all big-boy like,
to your mummy and papa, you’re still our little tyke.
Very soon you’ll be running around and stuff,
with us chasing you with every huff and puff.
But dear son don’t let that bother you,
we’re behind you through and through.

Here are some things that you cannot learn in books,
never judge a book by its cover or person by looks.
We cannot wait for you to experience the world out there,
but keep in mind things are not always so fair.
Protect yourself well and the things you love,
make the right decisions when push comes to shove.
God first, family second and country third,
and remember to never go back on your word.

You make the bed you sleep in, a tip from my dad,
something to remember in good times and bad.
Every choice will affect not only you but others as well,
Just be the best person you can be, as far as you can tell.
Make lots of good friendships with different people through your life,
as usual some will stay, some will go, one will end up being your wife.
Cherish her deeply – just like I do your mummy,
so every time you see her, you’ll get butterflies in your tummy.

When in doubt, do consult your inner self,
you will grow to know that knowledge is wealth.
Not only be book smart but street smarts also count,
dealing with all things that come your way is paramount.
You’ll get hurt, lose love, break things and get lost,
talk to us and we’ll listen to you, no matter the cost.
As parents, we’ll always love you no matter what you do,
and remember, whenever or whatever, we’ll always be there for you.










Love Forever and Then Some, Papa


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