Day In or Day Out..

Feeling: Like I’m looking through my child’s eyes

I really LOVE bringing my bub out to play. Experiencing new things with him has really made me feel young again. And silly.

I find myself skipping along and pointing out the most mundane things like birds and fish and funny things just because I know that my bub hasn’t seen any of it before.

Just this weekend, we went to Rider’s Cafe to bring the bub to see horsies, and have ourselves a scrumptious brunch. No big review here, but I’ll say that I didn’t quite get to see as many horses as I liked to pay that much money on some bangers and french toast brioche.

They do give pony rides there, but our little bub didn’t want to get on the horse, and of course his head was much too small for the safety riding helmet, so he had to be content to look at the horsey and understand that they are more than just pictures in farm animal books.

magic horse

We also went to The Future World Exhibition at The Art Science Museum, and it was like a very special edition of a children’s atelier. Lots of strobing lights and interactive digital play. Money pretty well spent I would say, considering that we could have let James roam around for the whole day if he could keep his stamina up.

My short review on the exhibit would be that it’d be good to start early in the day when there are less people, and to make the most of your full day unlimited re-entry. So you could go in and play, come out for lunch at the Shoppes @ Marina Bay, then go back in for round 2.

We enjoyed strolling along the Promenade and looking over the bay too while killing time for our “wave” for entry, so that’s a nice thing to do as a family if you want to explore the area a bit.

There’s also SAVOUR in the corner if you’re not sure what to eat, but we declined, because we would probably eat too much to want to move if we went. Plus we were scared of spending too much money on food as well :X

tina fey expensive crab

But yes, we please go for the exhibition! There are so many things going on there that you your child won’t get to do in a normal school or play group environment because of the sheer amount of technology and projectors behind the exhibition, so it would definitely give them a different experience.

We particularly liked the blocks that are stackable and that change in colours. And we also liked the panoramic ocean room where they laid out bean bags in the centre of the room for people to just lie in and soak up the ambience of it all.

We had a nice mummy-son bonding moment when the bub needed to nurse a little. Papa had his own little moment when he drew and coloured a “Ming-mobile” car to get transformed into a 3D version of itself and projected onto a digital city.

Before we move on, I’ll just shoot a couple of photos out there so you can get an idea of what we got up to…

Just a mummy and me moment

Papa’s Ming-mobile

Stackable Blocks in charging stations…IMG_2746

Yup.. Lots and lots and lots of light play there! So you should really try to make it there before the exhibit is over!

All of that said and done, I am constantly feeling like there are so many things to do but yet so little time to do all of it.

We’ve yet to bring the bub to the dog run at Bishan Park ever since he learnt how to run about. Right now every time he sees a puppy he goes WOO-WOO as he tries to mimic the sounds, so we’re hoping that when we get him down to the little enclosure where the doggies are all running about that he’ll start being a bit more open to walking on the grass when he sees all his furry, four-legged friends are running amock.

We want to bring him to see goats in one of those super ulu (isolated and abandoned) farm community areas in Singapore and we’ve also got the aquarium planned out for next weekend too.

This boy is really blessed to have such ambitious parents who want to bring him everywhere eh.

best parents ever

In times like this, I do think back to my own childhood. I don’t think there are many things that I didn’t get to do. But I am motivated to make sure that my bub gets to do as much as possible, and perhaps the things that I never got to do, we’ll get to do them together now.

But there are things that I probably will still never get to do, at least for a while until he’s old enough to take care of himself, or I can leave him with a caretaker so that the hubs and I can go off and do our own thing.

It’d be nice to think about the day when we can start going bungee jumping, or even doing something as simple as a late night movie again.

I wonder if I’ll ever feel like my bones can go clubbing again though. HAHA.

I’m already shaking my head at the wishful thinking. My liver and my head would not be able to take another hangover thankyouverymuch.


Okay, the gif is bull. I’ll definitely be happy to have a glass of wine or a pint of beer. But just not in a club-type environment.

There are other things besides being a party animal too that I miss as well though.

It’d be nice to have my mornings back once he starts going to school. Provided we don’t have other young kids around, when I pack all of them off and don’t have to worry about them needing my round the clock care, I’ll really start to exercise again.

Perhaps I can take up a yoga class and get my flexibility back again.

Lord knows, after the pregnancy, your joint are all stiffened up and it’s hard to bend over and touch your toes when you haven’t quite seen them for a while. Not to mention if we’re going to talk about multiple babies in between the time you get back to whipping yourself into shape.

I totally wanna be a hot mama. But right now, I’m a pretty hot and sweaty blob. Sitting at home and writing blog posts.

I was looking for a gif of a cute animated Jabba the Hutt drinking tea on a sofa, but this will have to do. LOL.

animated blob

Moving on, it does strike me that eventually, the bub will come to an age, where he’ll want to do some of the more dangerous and risky activities. Things that require you to break a curfew or ask for more money.

We were talking about the day when he would perhaps want to go clubbing and bring a girl out. SIGH.

It’s as if time is passing way too fast isn’t it.

There was this really sweet video that I posted last week about how parents are constantly eager to see their babies hit a new milestone, but when they do, it’s too fast. And they need to slow down.

Yeah, them tissues aren’t dry anymore, are they?

But yes. What little time and energy I have now, are irrefutably devoted to the upbringing of my child and rightly so before they grow up and decide to live a life of their own.

It’s just a matter of how long it’ll be before the bub can start speaking up for himself and talking back, and I’ll miss the days that I was able to pick him up and show him the world.

It’s my hope that I won’t ever run out of things to show him and hopefully, he will never tire of his parents showing him things too.

Only time will tell.

We should all slow down,






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