Quick Post

Feeling: A tad Swamped

I can’t quite think of what to write about today and I’ve been a little off my game lately because we seem to be going through this stage of countless night wakings.

That means that I am practically awake the whole night because I can’t sleep while there is a little human trying to suck the life out of me. And of course, I’m absolutely zombie-d in the morning.

I don’t have help for most of this week so I’m going to take a shortcut and write a half-post this week.


The family is also finally going for its first overseas trip next week, so you won’t be seeing a post here then either, but before said break, I just wanted to chip in how people have been commenting that our family has been so on the ball with all our little outings the last few weekends.

It’s partially thanks to the Singapore school holidays of June that there is that much activity happening across the island for us to attend now, but also, we realise that it’s also because at the heart of it all, the hubs and I are little kids inside that love to go exploring too.

We have so many places on the cards that we have yet to go and that we want to bring our bub to, and we’re more than looking forward to doing it all over again when we eventually have more children.

There’s nothing like seeing the wonder on a child’s face when they see or experience something new for the very first time.


Well, perhaps this is a little exaggerated, but you get the picture..

In any case, a lot of the parents who have been commenting have also been telling me that it’s so tiring to do it. And there’s no doubt about it. To keep thinking of and going out to different places every week, the amount of things that we have to lug with us and to just keep running after the kids and make sure they don’t get into mischief….

We are most definitely knackered to the bone at the end of the day.

But it is a sort of “tiredness” that is just so rewarding like you know you’ve done something WORTHWHILE with your time.

Besides, if we don’t put in the little effort to bring them out somewhere now when they are small, it’s a huge part of their life that will fly by without that magic of exploring new places right?

Unfortunately, we can’t afford to bring them everywhere, or travel to too many places as much as we would like to make exploration a bigger theme in our lives – we are constantly crossing our fingers that we’ll strike the lottery some day for that to happen – but we do our best to bring our bub where we can and will continue to do so as much as possible!


In the meantime, if we can’t travel across the country or find the money to go to some exhibit, we look for little parks and green spots to do a bit of wandering.

Just running around for half an hour sometimes is more than enough outdoor time than a kid needs to get all tired and giggled out and happy that they’ve left the confines of the house.

So before I sign off, here’s us, in a park that’s just a tad bigger than the size of a HDB flat – at MyVillage in Serangoon Gardens. It’s not a huge garden really. Just enough space for a toddler to run around without crashing into furniture.

Just looking at the bub enjoying himself makes me so happy that we’ve decided to be an activity-oriented family as much as we can and here’s hoping that you’ll take a few minutes a day to go out there and smell the roses with your little ones too!




The Great Outdoors Beckons,





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