Back to the grind…

Feeling: Sick to the bone

So we had a family holiday! And the last week was fabulous.

It was a great break for all of us. A chance to just focus on doing things as a family, enjoying being in a new environment and just having the pleasure of the company of each other.

It’s sad to have to be jolted back to reality today, and even more so because the bub and I got massively sick the day before we got back home.

In our enthusiasm to go sightseeing, we go caught in the rain and unlike Singapore, the weather changes a fair bit more drastically in comparison – the winds were cold and uncaring and walking around in mildly drenched clothes is never a good combination.

cold cold cold

We ended up going to see a doctor before we were due to drive home and let me tell you, I am so grateful for the way that our private doctors in Singapore work.

Our whole ordeal in the private hospital (no less) took about 2 hours. But considering that there was no queue and we had gone to the A&E department, the service was abysmally lacking. I mean, I saw nurses going in and out of the doctor’s office to stand there and chit chat with him!

Granted there were 2 other “patients” sitting in the waiting room, even Singapore GPs are able to diagnose and churn out remedies faster than that despite the notorious waiting times there are at their clinics too…

But all that said, I’m happy we went to see the doc when we did because it seems the bug has hit us full force now that we’re back at home.

monster bug

Ignoring the fact that I’m still battling the cold in the head and the itch in my throat, it IS nice to be back in a familiar environment again. But it’s a bitter sweet feeling knowing that we’ve got to start getting our heads out of the clouds and start thinking about making a living for ourselves again.

It’s not quite lost on me that the hubs spent his 2nd father’s day taking care of the sick bubby and me the day before he’s due back at work. And at work, he knows he’s going to be facing a full avalanche of things to handle because he’s the (one and only) key person handling all the project issues for the company.

Without sounding like a brag, time nearly stops for the company while he’s on holiday because there isn’t anybody who follows up on what’s going on. Not a great way to work if you ask me!

But that’s life innit. We try and play the hand of cards that we’re dealt, and pray to God for the wisdom to do it right!

And hopefully, we’ll be able to get through all the ups and downs of the grind to make it to the next holiday.

vacay smile

While we were overseas though, I chanced upon an article about THIS FAMILY.

UGH. They are disgusting.

And by saying so, I mean that I totally want to be them. I mean, this guy apparently wrote some app, and sold if for a hefty number of millions of dollars and decided to just sell all his worldly possessions and just bring his family around the world.

Did I say they were disgusting? Well, yeah.

And in thinking about what life would be like in their shoes, I wonder whether I could deal with being able to bring my children travelling like this.

It’s not just about exploring anymore, it would become a lifestyle.

I mean, it would be wonderful to not have to worry about work, but about what you were going to do with the kids that day, where you were going to go, and with your partner besides you… But would you be able to do in on a long run basis? Without a home base and some sort of stable and steadfast environment?

life is fickle

After having my own experience bringing the bubby out of his comfort zone and on an extended holiday trip where the familiarity and comfort of our home isn’t at hand, I can only say that I hope that moving around the world gets easier for that family as their children get used to the fact that they won’t have anywhere to place their roots down at.

They say the world is becoming more globalised because it is becoming so much easier to travel, to get to know people from other cultures. not only in their native country, but because they are coming to yours.

By the time our kids grow up, they’d have been exposed to countless different people, races, religions, and not to mention the fact that we live in a country where the word on the street is all about how we are or aren’t accepting of people who are different from us.

I would love for the bubby to be as knowledgeable in all these worldly things, to gain insight and experience through what he sees and gets his hands into on his travels, but again, it’s not something that our family’s meager income can support.

Short of striking the lottery, anyway.

And everyone knows the chances of that happening.

loser lottery

So in the interest of not getting our hopes up and making sure that we’re living with realistic expectations, for what it’s worth, we’ll treasure the experiences that we can get and try to create many more where that came from when we can.

You don’t have to travel around the world to create a time to remember for yourself and your family.

It might be a while before we can get on a plane or a boat or even back into the car to go on our next trip, but we won’t hold our breath 🙂 After all, it’s more about the family togetherness at the end of it all right?

In any case, as long as the family is kept together, it really shouldn’t matter where we are and what we’re doing 🙂

Right before I sign off, here are some of my more favourite shots from the last week and here’s hoping that you find a way to make memories in your own special way too!

Living real,



20160617_105140 IMG_4627



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