To School or Not to School…

Feeling: Confused

I’m holding down the fort today at home so I won’t be posting a long post today. But I do need to document down a very significant time in our journey.

We have started actively looking for schools! Preschools, nursery classes etc etc etc. For the betterment of my babe, we are looking into his future education.

teach in the classroom

Technically there’s a shit ton of things that I could be talking about in relation to the topic here, least of all my decision on when the best time to put him into school would be but I’m a little shorthanded at home so I’ll exercise restraint in prattling on.

What I mentioned a few posts ago about the schools nearest to us being maxed out with 25 kids on the waiting list for a measly 8 places is now a secondary thought because the hubs and I visited a total of 4 schools on Friday, and canceled on 1 because we were having a tough time enough trying to decide which one we wanted to go with.

And therein lies our dilemma.

There’s really so many things to consider and we’re not just talking about whether to put him into school.

Do we pay more for a school with a better curriculum, or pay less for one that isn’t as robust, but is actually nearer to our current location to boot…. How does the school handle toilet training, do the kids get to go out on excursions. What about discipline and weaning the baby so they drink milk in school. What about separation anxiety and hell, we haven’t even started talking about curriculum yet…

To be honest, we’re actually planning things way before schedule. The real plan was to put the bub into school when he turns 2 because hopefully I’d be expecting #2 by then.

If the bub was settled in school during the day, we would have one less thing to worry about when we have to take care of a new born at home. As it is now, when I’m home along with the bub, it may not be a circus, but there is a significant amount of effort that needs to go into coming up with things to entertain and stimulate the baby.


While I enjoy being able to spend time with the bub at home, I feel that once he hits the 2 year mark, either my brain will be juiced dry of ideas, or I’ll be way too tired to keep up with a tiny tot’s energy.

It was a big debate between the hubs and I whether or not we would have the bub in for school for the full week too since we didn’t quite need him to be in childcare (from 7am to 7pm). I mean after half a day of learning and curriculum-oriented school, wouldn’t you love to be at home and mucking around with your mum and dad?

Sure he would miss out on the 2nd half of the day activities but, all little kids really want to do is spend time with their parents right? At least that’s what all the “expert articles” on the internet say.

So well, there’s all that and also trying to keep him away from the cesspool of other kiddy germs for as long as possible.


Don’t even get me started on how many other mummies and daddies and even friends who are preschool teachers have been warning me about the dangers of falling sick once your kids head into the school environment.

Heck, there was a lady from my mummy’s group who just pulled her kid out of school because he was falling sick so often that she was literally spending money to keep him at home to recuperate and get better from the germs he caught while in school!

And if you’ve ever had to take care of a sick baby at home, not to mention one that has recently learnt how to throw tantrums and knows jolly well how to scream and shout to get your attention… Well….


But from the looks of things, we’ll be putting in a lot more time and effort to whittling down our choices in the next week or so because these school places are snapped up too fast apparently..


Also, we’re deathly afraid that we may be delaying his education and stunting his social skills by keeping him away from the school environment.

As it is, the poor bub is cooped up with either me or his grandma on most days. He desperately needs more interaction with other kids who are his age or heaven forbid he become a recluse.

So wish us luck. We gonna have a lot of calculations and deep discussions on what we’re really going to do about this preschool situation in the very near future…

Tough decisions ahead,



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