Short , Sweet and Go Exercise!

Feeling: Creaky and cranky

I’m a big advocate for exercise. I made a huge reduction in my weight for my wedding 3 years ago on my sheer determination to look good and after having a baby, the body and the bones really aren’t what they used to be anymore.

I wake up these mornings with a big kink in the back and sometimes, even sitting down for too long can put a strain on my body to get right back up again.

back ache

I’ve been saying that when the bub starts going back to school, I’m going to start getting back into the regime again. I’ve been looking at really cheap yoga or pilates classes with the Community Centre which is an amazingly cost-effective way of getting lessons by the way!

At the same time, the daily commute to get the baby to school is going to do wonders to getting me out of the house. A little morning jaunt around the neighbourhood is just the thing I need for some sun and fresh air and apparently it helps to stave away depression which can develop from being cooped up at home with not much adult interaction.

All that glorious time in the day when the bub is at school, I had better make the most of it! Not just to work, but to get my figures and strength and health back!

Lord knows how long I can go at it until we conceive another anyway and I have to focus on being strong and fit for a second delivery anyway!

But of course, I do have to admit, that at the back of my mind, there’s another hidden agenda in mind….

pokemon go

Gosh, I’m a bit ashamed, but YES. I have bought into the craze and we will henceforth be doing more family walks and little excursions out of the house to the neighbourhood pokestops landmarks and points of interest!

Okay, obviously there are a lot of pros and cons of the whole movement, all very thoroughly discussed on social media – about how people are slaves to their phone as it is and this would really just be the icing on the cake where nobody is going to watch where they are going and all that.

A dead body has been found floating at Woodlands jetty by Pokemon Go players, and already the national museums and parks are being flooded by eager Pokemon trainers looking to catch ’em all.

And there have been really cheesy advertisements popping up by the various government agencies warning against trespassing (police), playing while driving or crossing the road (LTA) and encouraging people to come to their attractions to view the rare wildlife and birds while they are catching (the Family of Zoo parks).

But apparently with all the vice against the game, it sure is a good way to encourage people to get out of the house and walking around. This particular article was posted today, and well, it hits the nail on the head, no?

Hell, the hubs and I specially decided to bring the bub to Bishan Park yesterday. It was a wonderful opportunity to bring the dog out for a quick jaunt, even if on the pretext of trying to see if we could catch any special creatures while we were there!

There’s quite a fair bit of happy gushing about the app too, this post in particular giving me the most feels and confidence that this game could really be something GOOD.

pokemon go

It really isn’t all that big a menace on society if you think about it. As long as of course, moderation and common sense is continually applied in one’s usage of the game-osphere.

I certainly hope that we won’t have to condemn a relatively exciting and interesting new game on the account of a few idiots who stop their cars in the middle of the highway and jump barbed fences in order to catch a rare fictional character…

So while I’m succumbing to the lure of the hunt, at least I can say that my head is screwed on right and that my objective is really going to be encouraging the family to get a bit of a workout while we’re at it 🙂


And that said, I think a morning walk is calling me and the bub, so here we go friends!



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