Mama Gotta Werk

Feeling: Drained

Apologies my friends, it’s been one rough weekend. Jabs, sleepless nights, and almost for sure, there are 2 little nubs which signify the bub’s canine’s are coming out. And it all makes for a puddle of very tired mama.

Plus I have a little office jaunt I have to make a little later, I’m not looking forward to it at all because it’s going to take me away from my bub, but hey, looking on the bright side, perhaps I could catch some Pokemon since I’m travelling to the other end of Singapore for it, right?


And so, you guessed it – we’re going to take a break today because my brain is really just not working. But it won’t all be a wasted trip to the blog though. We had a playdate at our house yesterday, so I’ll leave ya’ll with some absolutely cute pictures before we’re done 🙂


Feeding time?

most in-focused pictures of them out of like… 20?

Woman, get offa me!



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