People Change.

Feeling: One load off and another one hops right back on.

It’s actually a public holiday today so we are bringing the bubby out for a bit of a jaunt.

I do want to post a bit about what happened in the last week because I think it warrants a good lesson. But I don’t feel in the right frame of mind to do so just yet.

Circumstances can throw you a curve ball and you choose how you want to address it. You might be able to catch that curve ball or you might make such a big fool of yourself trying to, or you could rip that ball into smithereens. So many possibilities.

Things happen and people change.

I’m really just going to leave these right here for now and perhaps when I’ve gotten my thoughts into more order, there’ll be a post in it somewhere for you guys.


“You have to accept that some people are not made for deep conversations, or for holding you together when you’re about to fall apart, or for keeping you from unzipping your skin, or for talking you out of suicide, or to love you through the worst moments of your life. Some people are made for shallow exchanges, and ridiculous banter, and nothing more. And that’s okay.

That doesn’t make them horrible people because they simply aren’t able to handle a storm like you. It doesn’t make you a bad person because you won’t divulge all the gritty details of your horror show. It makes you smart. You have to accept that there will be people that cannot give you what you need. It doesn’t mean they are not worth keeping in your life. You just have to figure out who these ones are before you’re disappointed. And you have to keep them at arm’s length.

You cannot expect everyone in your life to understand, to be nonjudgmental, to get it. But that’s okay, because not everyone was made to impart wisdom, or wax-poetic, or speak on politics and the depravity of society, or discuss how crucial it is that the stigma of mental illness be abolished.

There are times when you have to get away from all that heaviness. You have to. And you will need superficial conversation about Kim Kardashian’s arse, or a debate on the color of The Dress. You will need those ones.

So don’t go round cutting people off and dropping your friends. You need people for all your seasons. You need people or you won’t survive this.”

—Anonymous, What my therapist told me this morning





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