First Day of School!

Feeling: Apprehensive and Excited!

Today’s the day, Mama’s following her baby bear to school!

The school works a progressive separation scheme, so for all the scary tales of crying and kicking on the floor and SAD-until-mummy-comes-back will hopefully be a non-issue for us.

I’m going to be with the bub for the majority of the morning and we’ll be back home in time for lunch and a nap! So for today, NO POST.


Hopefully next week when the bub is a little more settled in, I’ll be able to get a little write-up down to fill you all in after I drop him off 🙂

I’m so excited for him to learn and for myself to get some free time although whether all things will go as smoothly.. it remains to be seen.

Wish me luck everyone ❤

Wondering if I’ll Sleep Tonight,


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