Down Time

Feeling: A little at a loss

Today begins another week with the bub heading off to school and us trying to settle down into our new routine.

I’m blessed to have my mum do the morning commute to the bubby’s school so that there’s 1 out of the 3 days where I can take a bit of a rest and not have to feel the heartbreak from leaving him at the childcare centre place and all…

Efficient redistribution of the emotions, I call it. Here’s some of my sadness for you, you and you! Everybody gets to feel a little sad that the baby is going to be at school today!


I don’t have much to post about today because after last week’s end-of-the-week update, honestly there wasn’t much for us to report.

Save for the fact that the bubby managed to develop a case of the sniffles – what they say about preschools being cesspools of germs IS TRUE!

Like I mentioned briefly, it’d probably be extremely hard for parents to keep their kids out of school every time noses started running or there’s a little hoarseness in their voices, but we all have to do our due diligence and make a judgement call to ensure that we don’t send our kids into school with a raging illness that could be spread to all of the other kiddies.

I remember a post from a client of mine about how she abhored people who didn’t do the responsible thing and stay home when they are sick. She was saying that some people are more susceptible to illnesses and for those people who don’t have a great immune system, even a simple cold or cough could be disastrous for them.

So a little public service announcement: For the sake of the people around you and especially the little ones who react with volatility to any viruses or germs of any sort, please take care of yourselves and STAY AWAY if you know that you’re not feeling well!


Luckily for us, despite even a long weekend of busy running around and hectic activity, the bub is clear of any symptoms and okay to go back in though.

Heaven forbid that we would have had to take him out in the 2nd week already. I’ve been hearing how kids can totally regress to clinginess and anxiety if they miss too many days of school.

Given how we suffered last week, not just through the tears and stressfulness, but the consequential nights of making up for lost time and resulting sleeplessness, we definitely don’t want that to happen again!

I’m sure that each kid has their own special cocktail of germs that they’re exposed to in their own different home environments but once they come into such a community environment, all of them are going to be open to all the different little nasties daily basis and we gotta be prepared!

We’ve got to try our best to keep to our schedules now that we’ve established that school is going to be a new part of our lives and that means building up his immunity and loading up on vitamins so that we can be resilient against any other bugs that might come our way.


In the meantime, if anything happens, we know that we’ll have the teachers send us a message or give us a ring to spring us into action – to pick him up or get ready to bring him to a doctor or anything.

But we shouldn’t be doing any worrying just yet. Nothing’s happening, for now.

So while the bub is in school, I’m going to take advantage of the down time to get some needed rest to replenish the debt that was created last week. Perhaps draw a bath, get a face mask on and lay back for an hour or two…

We all need to feel like we’ve got a bit of time for ourselves after all right?

Is this the beginning of something wonderful?,




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