Feeling: like a weight off my shoulders

Okay. It wasn’t REALLY a big reveal.


Being pregnant a 2nd time around, we were really bubbling over with wanting to tell people the minute we knew because hey, a baby is a gift from heaven right?

I think we need to really sit back and thank God how blessed we are to have conceived this time round. We don’t have a struggle story and we have absolutely not intention to be “proud” of it either, but God truly answers prayers such that when we said that we were ready to try, He answered our prayers.

We knew about this baby since as early as September, but whether superstition or caution, or just the plain fear of something happening to the fetus before it became truly viable, we’ve held out til now!

And I don’t even think I’m completely out of the woods back although I’ve FINALLY gotten my appetite back and I don’t quite have any more weird and lingering after tastes stuck in my mouth. (Good riddance to Morning Sickness.)


But things ARE looking good and we’re happy that we’ve finally told the world about our impending bundle of joy sequel!

We WERE actually planning something a little more flamboyant – we wanted to have a photoshoot chasing the big brother -to-be around and trying to get him to put on the cute shirt as a reveal. We also thought about a colour bomb reveal or even a balloon-release reveal.

I was actually calling up photo studios and photographers and trying to look for deals that we could squeeze in. We were considering just setting up a tripod on Sports mode and setting the camera to automatic spam so that we could pick out a few choice photos of us running like crazy.

But honestly, if you guys have been faithfully reading my last few posts, you’d have noticed that I’ve hinted A LOT about how I’m absolutely knackered all the damn time and we’re just struggling with the lack of energy (mostly on my part) with carrying out our daily routines that even with my mum’s help to chip in in the house and child-rearing, it seems like we’re really down a (wo)man.

It’s definitely age too I think. It’s hard to get into shape at any point in your life, but after basically feeding a baby off of your own life force and having this little alien creature eating off of your body, it’s quite hard to get back your former glory, or even getting half way there for that matter!


I figure I’ll attempt getting my fitness and hopefully my “girth” back to status quo once I’m done with all the child-birthing.

I attempted getting back into shape the month right before my period skipped with this free class that was happening right downstairs (if you remember this post) and while I was feeling confident that I’d be able to follow through with the sessions, I was literally puking and dehydrated and dragging myself home after.

Never again.

Or at least. In a LOT more moderation the next time.

I guess the biggest thing about this whole pregnancy right now, is really how we’re going to deal with the big boy. I swear that even though he’s young and he probably has no idea what’s going on, HE KNOWS his life is about to change forever now that there’s another life in mummy’s tummy.


A lot of friends have been telling me about how kids are actually pretty intuitive about this sort of thing.

You need to start talking to them EARLY about what’s going on, why mummy is getting more tired and why she’s getting more Fat (so help me God if I catch anyone else referring to me as such)… And they kinda just… GET IT.

There are some other quirky things that people have been trying to get me to do about this too – like get your older kid to guess what gender the baby in the tummy is going to be because there’s high chance that they’ll get it right.

Speaking of which, we don’t know what we’re having yet.

The doctor has said that it looks like it’s a 90% chance of being a boy from what the last scans looked like. But apparently this early in the pregnancy, a vulva on the ultrascan could just as well be testicles (creepy), and unless you see an actual penis, there’s no telling whether you’re carrying a boy or a girl.


But of course, while we would love to have a little girl now, the most important thing is that the baby is healthy. And if you’ve seen the hell I’ve been through during this round of pregnancy, it’s truly mind-boggling to think that all that sick is paramount to having a robust young’un when the time comes another few months down the road.

Healthy mummy and healthy baby after all right?

So that means that I’m going to have to take a lot greater care of myself and we’re really going to have to figure out logistics for how we’re going to get around 2 kids without any hired help at home.

Besides the fact that we know so many mums and families are able to get by even with more kids and perhaps lesser income, trying to get into the groove ourselves is a big uphill climb.

It’ll take time and a lot of planning – introducing the idea of the new baby to the older baby and heaven forbid ensuring that we get any jealousy issues and feelings of abandonment to a minimum….

I don’t even want to think about the possibility of that happening – I envision my babies hugging and kissing and being absolutely the best friends in the world… But this is a post for another time.


And in the meanwhile, we’ve got a baby to plan now as well so of course, I’m going to be taking it easy mostly too.

I’m just grateful that I have a loving husband and caring mum who both are sacrificing a lot to give me the support that I need right now, even if that includes letting me lounge around like a slob because I’m feeling too tired / sick / encumbered to move.

Well, here’s looking forward to rest of the pregnancy though. As tired as I may be, especially in comparison to how it felt for when I was preggy with my first baby, I know that this life in me IS a gift, and every life needs to be treasured.

And hopefully with good contrast to how much I treasure the firstborn too.

I know I’ll be giving this baby just as much attention and care and love as I can no matter what comes. So I’ll be gearing up for some serious balancing when he or she arrives! Wish me luck!

More to come,


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