New Year Updates

Feeling: Caught up in a whirlwind

What a couple of weeks for us! Talk about festivities and activities!


Here’s wishing everyone a good Chinese Lunar New Year of the Fire Rooster!

We are still sort of in the thick of it with 1 more week of “celebrations” left to go. And unfortunately we are all feeling a little drained and worse for wear.

All the food that we normally get to eat over the Chinese New Year period although extremely yummy and indulgent, is also rather what we like to call “heaty” or causing heat in your body, and trust me when I say that there’s only so much “heat” that your body can take.

Right after the first day of visiting relatives and eating goodies, our little bub fell ill and started wheezing OMG. Now seems like the sickness has come full circle and my sinuses are all jammed up and I’m on antibiotics to try and clear this huge stuffy head and nose.


So I won’t be posting a long post today either, but perhaps just checking in to say hi to everybody in case people are wondering whether I’ve dropped off the face of the Earth the past week.

There are some things that I do want to kinda log down on the blog while I’m checking in though..

In all honesty, there’s a lot I could talk about:

  • Dealing with a birthday amidst the celebrations – we didn’t have a big party this year, but we learnt that sometimes a small gathering is just what is needed
  • being respectful to your elders and being shy/uncomfortable means that the bub needs more time to warm up before people can expect him to ‘perform’ greetings and be sociable
  • people in general being respectful when it comes to offering my kid some type of food or some type of drink or asking him to share his toys and obviously monitoring your own kids who are trying to snatch from mine…
  • how to handle Chinese New Year AngPao (Red Packet) money
  • how to handle the big change in schedules and adjusting back to regular programming (OMG it was terrible trying to get him to go back to school today)
  • and I’m sure I could whip a few more topics out of my ass if I thought hard enough…

Don’t get me started. I’m not known as an over-thinker for no reason, you know…

In any case, as we return to a more subdued lifestyle after the last week or so of abundant movement, i’ll have a little more time to explore topics. And I should, heaven know how much time I’ll have to think when the 2nd bub is ready to come out..

Time flies right? It’s a mere 3 and a half months more to May and more mayhem with 2 instead of 1!


Recently the bub has been a lot more affectionate towards me too. Most recently he’s asked for kisses and hugs on his own accord – tiny little gestures that have made my heart go all a-flutter.

He has also been getting a little aggressive when it comes to being around other kids when he used to be a pretty subdued and laid back when being confronted. I’m worried that he’s picking up on how to hit first lest he get hit.

Things are definitely moving fast for the little tyke now that I’m getting bigger, and it’s more obviously that there are bigger things at hand in his life.

I just hope that I’m able to ease him into the big change. It’s important for me to remember that it’s not all about what’s changing for me alone, but how I’m in charge of a little person who is even more ill-equipped to deal with what’s happening in the world, and even more so as he starts to understand and recognize patterns around him.

I’m constantly seeking divine guidance and God’s grace to handle all these different situations with patience and peace and I’m thankful to Jesus that He lends His strength to those who ask for it!


In the meantime, everybody keep well and stay tuned! I’ll be back next week hopefully with a clearer head and more open airways!

Life is Constantly Changing,


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