I’ve got a Lot to Think About, Again

I’ve delivered my baby!

Jude Ong

And I’ve been feeling rather pensive and thoughtful these days now that I have a little time in between feeds and diaper changes. But while I’m back to post things on the blog I don’t think that I’m returning for good…

Perhaps I might pop in once in a while to write down a few lines.

A friend was encouraging me to take up writing again and we agreed that it was such a cathartic process that it’s important that we give our thoughts the words they deserve every once in a while, if only just to get them off our chest.

I was writing a FB status update and a couple of simple phrases suddenly turned into a paragraph, then 2, then when I started hitting the bottom of my screen, I thought to myself that there has got to be a better way to do this…

And so here I am.

That said, here’s what I wanted to say.

I love having my husband at home on paternity leave. It reminds me of much simpler days when we didn’t have to worry about having to afford a house, and not to mention the 2 kids to boot.

The problem with this little bit of paradise that we’ve built for ourselves being able to stay at home and just worry about how we’re going to take care of ourselves and our boys is the constant niggling at the back of our heads that the time for him to go back to work looms ever closer.

Times like this, I can’t help but wish we had a million or two stashed somewhere so that we could live off the modest interest. We don’t have to be filthy rich, but just enough that we wouldn’t have to worry about working for a paycheck that is spent almost as quickly as it’s received.

They say that money doesn’t make you happy, but obviously it helps you to afford the things that do – and in our case, money would definitely help us to afford more time with our kids while they are still growing up.

I pray that God helps me to relinquish this feeling of despair and while it’s not quite greed, my dependence on money and riches to be happy is not making things easier either, lifting up these cares to the Lord would be a much better option..

We are blessed with so many things. And it’s times like these when counting our blessings reminds me that it’s pointless to let these “what if” thoughts ruin the good stuff that is going for us.


Taking smaller steps,


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