The Hypnobirthing Experience!

Before I got pregnant, I attended a talk that a friend invited me too. I initially treated it as a networking session and a chance to speak to expecting mummies about a product that my company had launched.

But things changed quite quickly when I attended the class. And I attribute it a LOT to this here video that was screened during the “workshop”.

[Don’t know why I can’t link it anymore. But here’s a screenshot and a direct link to the video on]

hypnobirth video preview
Click here for the Link

Well, that video has ALWAYS stuck with me so vividly because of the ease at which the babies were coming out amidst a quiet environment that I was so madly intrigued with the whole concept. AND so was the husband when I showed him the minute I got home that day!

Up until the day that I found out I was pregnant, the hubs and I knew we had to give it a shot. Whether or not birthing would really be that “hmmm,…. *pop* OH! Baby’s out already!” experience, no harm giving it a shot right? CAn’t be any worse than other Lamaze or breathing classes anyway.

Click in to find out more about what I learnt from the classes in the dropdown box and lots good luck folks! Please feel free to email or drop comments if you’d like to know more about how Hypnobirthing is working out / has worked out for us!






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