Class 1

Hypnobirthing – Class 1

Today’s class was more of an introduction to how and why people have chosen hypnobirthing as their method of birth.

After bit of a history lesson, of which I managed to get how some of the different historical evidences showed that people were being forced by a certain medical procedure to give birth in a certain way – with anaesthetics and assistance.

Women were actually being SEDATED and put under for their labours and they didn’t really get to witness the true moment of birth. Husbands were also DISALLOWED from the delivery rooms and they were either sent home to wait for news of the birth or for some progression in the labour (aka cervix widening so that the actual moment of birth would be closer), or left to their own devices in the corridors of the hospitals, waiting anxiously with a round of cigars for buddies while listening out for the announcement of “It’s a ________! (insert sex of baby)”.


Grandfather’s story

One woman recounted the story of her father who waited in the hospital waiting room while she laboured with her first child (his first grandchild). He waited patiently, as he had with his own children, out-of-the-way and isolated. He listened to her labour sounds, nervously reading the sports pages for distraction. Soon after the woman’s daughter was born, he came in and held his granddaughter. The woman noticed expressions of love, awe and regret flash across his face. He later shared with her that he had held his first grandchild sooner then he held any of his own children. Such is the legacy of our past generations

Freaking ass heart-wrenching.

I don’t care if the husband faints at the moment of birth, but I hope that he’s in there with me. Emotional support is #1 on my priority list for when the time comes man!

In addition, there’s a helluva lot of dramatization going on on TVs these days about how there’s a lot of screaming and shouting going on during birth and all that pain and suffering going on apparently. And that just makes women more and more scared of the actual process of giving birth.


Now again, just go Google for Hypnobirthing videos and watch the moment of birth. It’s almost eye-poppingly amazing at how little expression and hooha there is with these women who are using the method.

My mum actually tried Lamaze in her day, but she told me that when push comes to shove (literally) and the pain hits you, all that you’ve learnt is going to fly out the window.

Well, with all the stuff going on about how everything is going to be so damn painful and all, if this hypnobirthing even helps a LITTLE bit with lessening the pain and helping my baby have a next to natural bringing forward into this world, then I’m going to just give it a go and cross fingers and hope that there’s truly as little pain as they say.


yup well, moving forward, the class really was mostly introductory, but we did do some rather interesting hypnosis exercises which truly helped the hubs to see to witness the power of the mind of body – some stuff about imagining tasting lemon. (hint: descriptions really help when you’re trying to visualise)

I did some of the exercises before so they weren’t as effective listening to them the second time round, but I remember the reactions that I have the first time, so I’m totally looking forward to class #2 next week for more practical thingies to try out at home on my own time.

Well anyway, our assignments for the week include reading the Hypnobirthing book and listening to 1 or 2 CDs as much as possible to learn some techniques so that’s what we’re gonna be doing for the rest of the week.

head pump

Just a little secret – listening to a bit of the CD last night, TOTALLY put me to sleep! I bet it’s gonna be good for my (Sometimes raging) insomnia. Doula (who runs the class) says that if that happens then good! Maybe you can fall asleep during labour too 😀  – seriously don’t know if she’s kidding here.. she also follows up by saying that there is no way you can fall asleep during labour because your body releases a cocktail of hormones so that you AND baby are aware of everything.

Drat and Double Drat.

In any case, i also really really hope that I can get through enough of the book/CD to have a little bit of knowledge for next week’s lesson :X


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