Class 2

Hypnobirthing – Class 2

So in class yesterday, it was more about techniques – we learnt a fair bit about breathing and how to go about making sure that you breathe in time to the surges (or contractions) during labour. And also about how it was important to keep yourself in a calm state.


Fear is bad (obviously), but especially in pregnancy, and during birthing, because of all the fear of pain, the whole body can kinda tense up. And when the body is tense, it becomes more and more difficult to do what it needs to do during birth so that the baby can come out.

Again, this is all HOLLYWOOD’S fault.


It’s actually quite interesting! About how the muscles of your under-belly just loosening up and making labour that much simpler to go through. Besides just telling yourself to relax, there are breathing techniques to get everything in the right frame for giving birth.

Slow breathing – for relaxing, Surge Breathing – for when you feel like your tummy is going to cave in on itself and you’re going to die, and Birth Breathing – for when baby is JUST about to come out, as in literally when you feel like baby is gonna slide out your hoohoo.

It’e really quite intriguing how useful the breathing techniques are. Slow breathing can be used for insomniacs (like me!) , Surge breathing can really just help you to put aside all heart palpitations and stressful situations, and Birth Breathing (OMG, this is so exciting) can actually help you “birth” a difficult POOP.


take a dump

Lol. The husband had quite a fun time practicing this one.  You’ll be interested to know that during this exercise he was softly grunting a little. I was quite worried he might actually take a dump while we were doing the exercise. I had to actually crack an eyelid one or two times to make sure that he was ok..

One thing I actually forgot to mention in last week’s class was that, hypnobirthing, although meant to help you relax, may not necessarily make everything pain-FREE. it’s meant to shorten labour time for sure and help in pain reduction, but may not absolutely get rid of all sensation just because you’re in hypnosis.

And this became pretty evident when we watch birthing videos every week. Yeah. You heard me. EVERY WEEK. it’s a whole new episode of bleeding eyeballs.



Well besides that, we also learn about some light massage techniques to stimulate endorphin flow- highly useful for when you’re freaking out during labour itself. It’s  not QUITE like your typical shoulder and neck massage. It’s really exactly what the name is – LIGHT massage. Like feathers going up and down your back.

I don’t know how to really describe it? I thought it would be ticklish, and we’re supposed to be getting tingly and goose-pimply, which I don’t really enjoy.


But when I got to “guinea pig” the “massage”, it was surprisingly  nice – in a surprisingly caressing and slightly erotic way. The stimulation of endorphins right. Go figure :/

I think I may possibly be asking the hubs to help out with all sorts of massage in the near future anyway. So i’m happy to add another one that’s pleasurable to the repertoire 😉 *winky winky*

Moving on, we also emphasized on the importance of the fact that baby can TOTALLY hear you while he/she is in there. We did an exercise of reading out some affirmations, promises and conversations with the unborn. Stuff like “Dear little baby, I would like you to know….” Followed by a whole bunch of stuff about what I will do for you while you’re inside me and until the day that you are born to me.

After the ladies  read their part, the husbands read their part. Something similar – I promise to teach / explore / be patient when….

CRY FEST I TELL YOU. Voice shaking and trembling and cannot finish the words can.

gonna cry

After all that, we did a final relaxation exercise and broke up for the week with an assignment to write down our thoughts about birthing and beliefs about the different areas of the pregnancy, all the way through to parenting.

Looks like a deep soul-searching week for us then!


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