And the rain goes on…

Weight: 65.4 kg maintaining… steady she blowwsss…
Feeling: Shaken but not stirred, also a tad like my lungs are disintegrating..

After a few days of rest and not having to worry about blog obligations, I’m happy to report, that I am still sick


Not ONLY am I still sick, I think I’m worse.. the hubs says it sounds as if my lungs are going to fly out or it’s bronchitis or something to that effect…

It’s a dry hacking cough that sounds as if what started off as a mildly itchy and infected throat has turned into a full blown lung problem 😦

It’s a good thing that we scheduled a week 26 visit to the doctor this coming weekend. It looks like I’ve got a lot to ask him about – 2 rounds of medication and no end of the disease in sight as well as what else I can do to alleviate all the symptoms that are seriously making me feel put out to high heaven.

IN ADDITION, I am also getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right hand. Like my middle and index fingers are dying from the tingly-numb feeling…


We went to guardian yesterday and had to get me a brace-splint thing so that I can keep my wrist and hand in a neutral position that won’t aggravate the condition. All on recommendation by the ladies in the lovely Facebook mummies group I’m on. I won’t post the thread here, but needless to say, there were some ladies who went through this Carpal Tunnel thing who are STILL suffering tingles and aches and even on advice to go for the operation.


I suppose it doesn’t really help that I do a helluva lot of typing during the day, and I’m trying to sew up a cloud mobile for baby’s cot too. AND my grandma actually has this condition too. Apparently even without getting pregnant, the hereditary issue makes it double or triple as likely for you to contract the condition 😦


So I guess I really have quite a lot of things to say to the doctor this Saturday when we go. I really hope that he’s able to prescribe me some supplements or vitamins that’s gonna just boost everything and bring me back to status quo – CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH PLEASE!!!

BUT SERIOUSLY. This is the sickest I’ve ever been in my entire life!

completely sick

okay, maybe not SICKEST, but the longest period of time that I’ve been consecutively sick (With the same illness). I could have actually said the same thing about a week ago, since I’ve actually never had chicken pox or anything of the sort before either.

so now’s the time where I admit that I’m not invincible, despite having a more or less almost perfect track record of health thus far.

Interesting story: I’ve only EVER missed 2 days of school up to the point where I finished Secondary School. (Anything that I missed after that was entirely due to youthful playfulness and err.. skipping classes :X)



So the first time was once in Primary 1 because of a passing in my family. Obviously my family had to take the day off and be at the wake. Honestly, when you’re at that age, you don’t really know what’s going on. I probably thought it was a holiday of some sort..

And the 2nd time in Secondary 2 level because of a mad-ass fever that I really couldn’t get out of bed and was burning up and all that jazz. But, I made my mum call up my teacher and bring me  back to school in the afternoon because there was a History test that was supposed to happen that day.  AND I DIDN’T WANT TO FALL BEHIND THE CLASS.

HOMG I’m such a model student…


I don’t really know what it was back then that made me want to be such an exemplary model when all my friends were discovering ways to get on MC and take medical leave so they wouldn’t have to come into school for lessons and the like. I mean who likes going to school right? Doesn’t every kid try every trick in the book to get out of it?

I just hope that when baby comes out and eventually starts with school and stuff that he’ll be a baby that enjoys learning. Learning about new things and  how the world works and stuff like that.

For that reason, I’ve actually kept a MOUNTAIN of books and encyclopedias.. I actually had a full set of Britannica ones a while back that sat in their own special bookcase okay. No point keeping that because there’s Wikipedia now, but yeah, I was a book collector.

My grandparents bought me a lot of thick Reader’s Digest books too – Amazing things around the world, and How the world works and stuff like that…

jess' encyclopaedias

AS you can see, this is only a VERY small portion of my book shelf – it’s really a 5 by 5 cubby IKEA Expedit 😀 (Yes I love books.. )

My hubs the engineer will be super happy to teach him about the mechanical things and we can watch documentaries together about lions and tigers and bears, and apparently I have the responsibility of teaching baby the arts and creative sides of things. Super excited!

Reading my hubs’ post really just made me remember my childhood and the shows my brother and I watched when we were younger. So many shows that seem to be lost in time and only available on VHS video tapes are (lucky for me) still found on youtube sometimes and even on DVD on Amazon if we’re lucky. There’s just so many things that I want to share with my bub!

And it’s a good opportunity for the hubs to see more of what my childhood was like for me too!

have you seen my childhood

Yes it was full of Disney princesses. So sue me 😛

I do worry a little about socialising our bub though. Playgroups and infant-care and making friends and the like. When my hubs and I were younger, we had cousins and relatives that were of the same age group – that led to lots of afternoons after school playing together, sleepover nights and weekend outings as a family, BIRTHDAY PARTIES… Not to mention the relief if probably gave our parents while we were off gallavanting with our cousins and friends.

I just hope that we’ll be able to find a close knit group of friends that we can introduce our bub to in time to come. Baby friends who have decent parents who aren’t weird and that we can talk to and confide in about the woes of parenthood.. So that when the kids are running around, we have some real life people to talk to…

real people...

We are lucky that we just so happen to be at that age where our friends are all of (relatively) the same maturity – getting married and/or having kids, just a year or half apart. We have a few good friends who are also having boys too!

Thinking about it, I can’t help but envision the rambunctious things just frolicking around the parks or jumping on the bed and the like..

Truly. So much to look forward to…

amy can't wait!

But in the meantime, I’ve got to focus on getting better so that I come out of this pregnancy with enough energy to chase after my son 🙂

Sniffing Steam and having Vicks Chest rubs,




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